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warm and
cozy in the newlyweds` suite!
While his wife and family knock
about the town!
With a flower-pot! How
rude! This is unheard of!
- Uncle!
- Father, I`m going to faint!
Don`t fall to the ground, child.
Your dress is worth 53 francs.
There she is!
God damn the loathsome
Let`s go home!
But I don`t want to leave my
valuables and presents with him.
These are the words
of a wise woman.
Give back the wedding presents
or I`ll cut off your ears...
like a cutting of an
apple tree!
What are you crying for?
He was just a rentier.
And that is my extenuating
- He was a rentier!
- Bastard!
I fall to my knees before you.
The marriage is dissolved!
- Quiet everyone!
- Shut up yourself!
He lost track of me.
He`s got gout and he`s limping.
We have just a few minutes to
avoid a bloody massacre.
He knows my address, he`ll come
here armed up to his teeth.
- It is our duty to help the lady.
- The lady?!
- So you admit it?
- What?
Here, take your trinkets.
What is this?
What`s going on here?
- Take your presents and be back.
- Where?
- She`s not yours any more.
- She is my wife!
It is an act of constraint!
Felix, never interfere in my
family matters.
- I object! Those are presents!
- Get your hands off!
Careful with that! That`s a hat
of Italian straw!
- A hat? Where?
- My wedding present.
My god!
Absolute resemblance!
And the poppies too!
Long live Italy, gentlemen!
Hello, uncle.
Hello, sweetheart!
Hello, cousin!
I spent 500 francs on that hat.
You won`t get it, scoundrel.
Father, I`ll give her the hat
and throw her out.
And we will go home at last.
I can finally fulfill my duty.
Wait here.
A classical case of insanity. I
cancel the marriage arrangement.
Article 113 of the Napoleon Code.
Off we go! We have to find
our coaches!
Don`t move! What are you doing
here with those bags?
- We`re moving to another place.
- At night? Secretly?
- Your papers.
- He is my father.
- I will explain everything.
- Your papers!
- We don`t have any.
- I see.
Take them to the guard-house!
I protest in the face
of all Europe.
And the dog too!
Damned town!
Not one fiacre!
I loathe the hour and the day...
that I decided to get married.
God damn that straw hat!
Anais! If only I find out...
No torture, no revenge can...
Madame, your husband knows
everything. Calm down.
He is after me. Put your hat
on and go home.
But monsieur, there`s nothing
My father-in-law!
The old porcupine!
Where is he?
Where is my wife?
- Where is the procession?
- At the guard-house.
Lieutenant, to the guard-house!
I will cover you!
- You ran away from me!
- Only to buy a cigar.
- Do you happen to have matches?
- What are you talking about?
- Let me through. If I find...
- I doubt it is her...
- The lady in my house is Chinese.
- What?
- Is your wife Chinese?
- Do I look like a Chinese?
- A spitting image.
- I am armed.
Me too. All right, you may pass.
Up the stairs and to your right.
The door on your left.
Turn the handle and... please!
- What about the matches?
- What the hell!
Long live the national guard!
France needs us to defend it!
God dammit, not one lamp!
- Where`s the lady?
- Monsieur, I am an idiot.
- No doubt.
- You helped her escape!
- Let me out of here!
- I lost the key.
- Where is it?
- Let`s look together.
- Where is it?
- It`s not a needle in a haystack!
Search here,
I will search there.
- Stall the husband!
- I`ll try.
Oh! Oh!
What is it?
What`s with you?
Stomach colic.
- What is it?
- The end.
- She`s come with a sickle.
- Who?
Death has come for me
with a sickle.
- Quick!
- What?
Not to worry, I`m feeling
much better.
- Where is the key?
- What key? Oh, yes.
It`s all right, I have it. Look,
what a charming woman!
- That`s my wife!
- Really? You lucky fellow.
At last I found you, monsieur!
So this is how you treat me!
- She`s wearing a hat.
- What has

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