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- I called the musicians.
- La-la...
- Quiet.
Yes, I am the great Nenardi,
and I have a favour to ask you.
Say it. Anything for the great
But you may find my wish a
little unusual. Wild even.
You know how we artists
- We sometimes get strange fantasies.
- So I heard.
And if they don`t come true,
I have this spasm in my throat...
What about my concert?
If you don`t encourage me, I
will not dare to ask you.
- Please say it.
- It is so out of the ordinary!
- You want the whole bouquet?
- Something even more eccentric.
- You have such beautiful hair.
- Thank you.
They remind me of the hat that
you wore yesterday.
- At the town hall?
- A divine hat!
You want to add it to the shoe?
- What shoe?
- I know all about it.
- You will get it.
- At last!
- Tomorrow.
- No, I won`t be able to sing.
All right, you will get
it in 5 minutes.
How very original, what
extravagant wishes - a hat!
My father-in-law.
I planted that tree myself on
the day she was born.
- We`ll find it in the fiacre.
- The object of your dreams.
Oh, thank you so much!
- What a charming woman!
- Is she a guest at the wedding?
- Who is this gentleman?
- My assistant.
To be able to accompany a singer
one needs big talent.
- Don`t.
- Madam, I lost my myrtle tree.
- Pardon me?
- The romance ``The little myrtle tree``.
- Where are you going?
- We need to rehearse a little.
- But the guests are waiting...
- More guests! What a wedding!
- It is my rule!
- Well then let us go.
- Is monsieur an Italian too?
- I come from Cherantonaux.
A little village near Albano.
Give us a couple of minutes.
We`ll rehearse a little and
then start the concert.
Seignior Nenardi.
La-la-la, la-la-la!
( speaks Italian )
( speaks Italian )
- Pardon, It`s me again.
- Ah, the intruder!
- Defend yourself!
- I am forced to defend myself.
Careful, it is sharp.
I`ll hop on the grand piano.
- Charming!
- Shepherd!
- Servants!
- Three against one?!
What? Oh, long live Italy!
Thank you.
Not there!
Careful! Stairs!
I don`t find it funny.
A wig is very contemporary.
- Magnificent sight, viscount.
- You think so?
The hat!
I need the hat made
of Italian straw.
- But I don`t have it.
- You don`t?
I gave it away to my niece
Madam Bapertuis.
- Her address.
- 12, Deminair St.
- Seignior!
- I highly recommend!
Dammit! I have to start
all over again.
- Daddy, stay with me tonight.
- We`ll stay with you.
Any minute now your husband
will invite us to his place.
Michelle, go for a walk.
I have my feet in a bowl of
water! Just come in, darling.
What took you so long?
My, your stairs are steep!
- What is this?
- Animals running all over the place!
- A foot bath?
- I`m not receiving anyone!
- The water is not hot enough.
- Oh, dammit!
Who are you?
Leonidas Fadinard, rentier,
married as of today.
- Turn this thing off!
- What is this? I don`t know you!
I don`t know you either, and I`m
not too eager. I need your wife.
- Get out of my house!
- Only after I talk to her.
- She`s not in.
- At 9 p.m.? Unbelievable.
- You`re here and she`s not?
- Yes, I`m here and she`s not.
You`re a brave man!
To let your wife go out so late?
What? - I beg your pardon,
but you just...
- What?! You bastard!
- It`s hot!
Dammit, you ruined
my tail-coat!
- Where`s the cloak-room?
- Get out!
- I need that hat!
- I`ll blow your brains out!
Hands up!
I got you now, you scum!
Don`t even think!
I`ve got a gun.
- Help! They`re killing me!
- Don`t shout!
Or I`ll commit a felony,
in the words of my servant
Get in the cloak-room!
The uncouth blockhead!
He went inside an left us here.
- Come in, come in.
- It`s splendid here. Charming.
I forgive you, son-in-law. Get
dressed, your bride is coming.
Step over the matrimonial
threshold without fear, child.
- No, I`m afraid.
- Let`s leave here!
Baben, the best man`s duties
end on this threshold.
- Is my


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