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Pub. A couple more.
Pub. A couple more.
Pub. A couple more.
Moscow State Clothing Stores, Moscow State
Clothing Stores. Pub. A couple more.
Bourgeois, bourgeois.
Stop pushing, bugger. Get off the bus.
You son of a bitch.
Stop it.
Kerosene stove. American recognition.
Moscow State Clothing Stores,
Moscow State Clothing Stores,
Moscow State Clothing Stores.
Kerosene stove. Pub.
I must acknowledge my mistake.
Transplantation of the pituitary induces
not rejuvenation but total humanization.
This does not, however, lessen the value
of you stupendous fantastic discovery.
Moscow State Clothing Stores.
You son of a bitch.
Moscow State Clothing Stores.
Moscow State Clothing Stores... Yes, yes,
Doctor, dear, Moscow State Clothing Stores.
Kerosene stove.
Ivan Arnoldovich, please do go
and buy him a jacket and pants.
An amazing phenomenon.
"Recently a baby was born in Obukhov
Alley who plays the violin"
"It was only thanks to the achievements
of contemporary medicine
that it could be born."
"The photo shows Prof. P.P. Preobrazhensky,
who performed the Kaesarian section
on the mother."
- Caesarean.
- Let it be Caesarean.
- But it's doctor Bormenthal.
- Let me see.
Take my word for it, on May the 4th 1925
the world will crash into a heavenly axis.
- That's true, I tell you. That's true.
- My Goodness.
Catch him.
Damn you.
- Put on the pants.
- Just a minute.
Queue up, bastards, queue up!
- Give him some herring.
- Queue up!
Give a cigarette, you
have got striped pants.
Don't spit on the floor.
Get lost, louse.
If ever again you let yourself
insult me or the Doctor...
...you'll be punished.
He understands, Philip
Philipovich, he understands.
Every day his brain becomes
more and more awake.
Professor, Sharik will develop into a
very intellectually advanced personality.
You think so?
Are you OK, Philip Philipovich?
We have created such mess
with this pituitary...
...that the flat has become
Ivan Arnoldovich, dear...
...please move in with me for the time
being, otherwise I can't handle him.
Come on, comrades.
Professor Preobrazhensky's
marvellous experiment...
...has unveiled one of the mysteries
of the human brain.
The mysterious function of the pituitary
has now been clarified!
It determines human appearance.
A new field has been opened up to science,
without the aid of any Faustian retorts
a homunculus has been created.
The surgeon's scalpel has brought
to life a new human being.
Prof. Preobrazhensky -
you are a creator!
Physically, he is a complete human
being, weight about 108 lbs.
Below medium height.
Eats human food, has started smoking.
Plays musical instruments.
Here you are.
Philip Philipovich, that's enough,
isn't it.
Eh, talk Moscow, speak Russia
Oh, my tasty apple
Here comes a girl with
the white skin.
With the white skin
in a precious fur-coat
Give us something and
you'll remain intact.
Oh my tasty apple
Come here, bourgeois,
I'll pluck your eye out.
I'll pluck one eye out
but the other will remain
For you, bastard, to see,
before whom to bow.
- Philip Philipovich, are you OK?
- Philip Philipovich! Professor!
What a misfortune.
Pulse. Pulse, check the pulse.
Ammonium chloride.
Open the windows, open the windows!
Is he still dancing?
He is.
"There's no doubt that it is
his illegitimate...
...(as they used to say in rotten
bourgeois society) son.
That's how the pseudo-learned members
of our bourgeoisie prefer to have fun.
Everyone can well occupy seven rooms
until the glittering sword of justice...
...flashes over him like a red ray.
Damn it all.
The moo-oon is shining...
shining bright...
The moon is shining...
I can't get rid of the damned tune!
Zina, tell him it's five o'clock.
Tell him to shut up. Yes.
And ask him to come here, please.
I believe I have already requested you
twice not to sleep on the high bunk in
the kitchen - particularly in the daytime.
The air


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