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Собачье сердце

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Doctor Bormenthal, will you please
produce Sharik for the detective to see.
- But how then, did he work for Pest
Control? - I didn't send him to the job.
It was Monsieur Shvonder who
recommended him, if I'm not mistaken.
- Is that him? - That's him. Only
the villain has gone all hairy again.
- But he talked!
- He still talks, though less and less.
Now is the time to hear him speak.
Science has not yet found the means
of turning animals into people.
As you see, I tried, he talked, and then
he began to revert to his primitive state.
- An atavism.
- Atavism? A...
Don't swear at me!
- Give him valerian. He's fainted.
- Did you see it? He sent his dog at me.
I shall personally throw
Shvonder downstairs...
...if he ever turns up in Professor
Preobrazhensky's flat again.
Please enter that remark
in the report.
Did you here? Did you? I request that
those words be recorded in the protocol.
That's our lot,
We are back from the field and the enemy
class is celebrating everywhere.
Tell me, Uncle, for the sake
of the people
No enemy will escape our punishment.
The hoofs are knocking
The machine-gun is sounding.
The White guard is all beaten up
No one will ever overpower
the Red army!
The White guard is all beaten up
From Seville to Granada...
in the still of the night...
You can here the serenada and
the clash of steel so bright.
Streams of blood and song galore...
I've been very, very lucky -
Incredibly lucky.
Now I'm really settled in this flat.
Though I'm absolutely sure there's
something fishy about my pedigree.
A Labrador is sure to have
something to do with it.
She was just a tart, my old grandmother,
God rest her soul.
Sure, they cut my head up a bit for some
reason, but who cares. That's all right.
None of my business, really.
Собачье сердце

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