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the ring, please.
I'll get you. You'll remember me.
Tomorrow I'll arrange for some
reductions of the office staff!
Don't be afraid of him!
I won't let him do you any harm!
- What's her surname? Surname?
- Vasnetsova.
Every day I shall personally make inquiries
at the City Sanitation Department,
if citizen Vasnetsova has been sacked!
And if I find out that she has,
I will shoot you down with my own hands!
I know where to lay hands
on revolvers myself.
Don't stop the engine.
You look right, you look left.
Let's go.
You stay here, you - here.
Watch carefully.
Catch him!
Catch him, catch!
- Well, Polygraph, you seem
to know where they are hiding.
- I can feel them with my heart. Get in.
Let's go quick. Be careful
not to let it slip by.
Have your pains come back?
No, Professor, I'm very
grateful to you.
I've come, hm, about another matter,
Philip Philipovich.
"also threatening to kill of the House
Committee chairman, Comrade Shvonder"
"which makes it clear
that he keeps firearms...
...and makes counterrevolutionary
...has even ordered his domestic worker,
Zinaida Prokofievna Bunina...
..to burn Engels... Engels...
in the stove...
...like a true Menshevik together with his
assistant Ivan Arnoldovich Bormenthal...
...who is living secretly in his flat
without being registered.
The signature of the head of the City
Sanitation Department Sharikov is valid.
...House Committee chairman Shvonder.
Secretary: Pestrukhin.
It's lucky that they reported
directly to me.
May I keep this?
Or perhaps you need it so that
legal proceedings can be started?
Forgive me, Professor, but you seem
to regard us with too much contempt.
- I...
- Please forgive me, my dear fellow.
I really didn't mean to offend you.
Please don't take offence.
He tired me out.
You must be here tomorrow morning.
Good evening, Polygraph
Serve dinner in the dining room.
Sharikov, come into the study.
What do you want?
Go and collect your things at once -
pants, coat, everything you need -
then get out of this flat!
- What is this!?
- Get out of this flat - today.
What is this after all! You think
I can't find a way to deal with you?
I've a right to thirty-seven square
feet and I'm staying right here!
- Get out of this flat.
- Like hell I will!
Keep away, Bormenthal.
Doctor Bormenthal! Doctor Bormenthal!
Doctor, what are you doing?..
Doctor Bormenthal! Doctor Bormenthal!
Give me the key to the front door.
The Professor says you
mustn't leave the apartment.
It's not because we don't trust you,
but should anybody come...
...you might not be able to keep them out,
and we mustn't be disturbed. We're busy.
It's not because they don't trust us.
They mustn't be disturbed. They are busy.
Where's the chief of the
pest control department?
- And who the hell are you? - I am chairman
of the house management committee Shvonder.
God knows where you chief of the pest
control is. It's now the third day
that we are waiting for him.
Well then.
Who are you?
Criminal Police and investigator.
Open up, please.
Where is the Professor's room?
What is it that you desire gentlemen?
We have a warrant to search your flat
and arrest you, depending
on the results of the search.
What, may I ask, is the charge,
and who is being charged?
Professor Preobrazhensky, Bormenthal...
...Zinaida Bunina, and Darya Ivanova
are charged with the murder of...
...Poligraph Poligraphovich Sharikov,
Subdepartment Head of the Pest Control.
I don't understand. What Sharikov do you
have in mind? Oh, you mean that dog
of mine... the one I operated on?
Not your dog. This happened when
he was a man. That's the trouble.
You mean he talked? That doesn't
necessarily imply being human.
Anyhow, it's irrelevant.
Sharik still exists.
- No one ever killed him.
- In that case, you must produce him.
It's ten days now since he disappeared,
and the evidence, I am sorry to say,
is most
Собачье сердце Собачье сердце

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