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Yesterday in the office of the house
committee he took 7 roubles
to buy textbooks.
The dog!
l can well imagine what is going on
out there. l can imagine.
He stole three bottles of ash berry
vodka and borrowed three and
a half roubles from me.
You deserved it. You well knew
what sort of a guy he was.
ure l did. No need to bring
stray dogs into the flat.
We must inform the militia at once.
- l, Philip Philipovich, have taken up
an official post. - Give me the paper.
The presenter of this Polygraph
Plygraphovich harikov...
...is truly employed as head
of the sub-department for the control
of stray animals...
...(cats etc.) in Moscow.
o, who got you the job?
But l suppose l can guess.
Yes of course, hvonder.
Forgive my asking, but why are you
giving off such a revolting smell?
Well, it does smell -
that's because of my job.
l spent all yesterday
strangling cats, cats, cats.
trangling, strangling, strangling.
- Help!
- lvan Arnoldovich.
Don't worry, Philip Philipovich,
l shan't do anything violent.
Zina and Darya Petrovna!
Repeat after me: Forgive me
Darya Petrovna and Zinaida...
- Zinaida..?
- Prokofievna.
...Prokofievna, for my disgusting prank
the other night in a state of intoxication.
- This will never happen again!
- Never.
- Let him go, you'll strangle him.
- Let him go, lvan Arnoldovich.
Now mind the following.
You've come back to
Philip Philipovich's flat.
- Have you?
- Where else can l go?
Very well. You will be as good
as gold and as quiet as a mouse.
Otherwise, you will have to reckon
with me each time you misbehave.
Got it?
What do you do with them...
the dead cats?
They'll make overcoats of them.
They'll make squirrels out of them
and sell them to workers on credit.
Come in.
Don't be shy.
What are you waiting for, come in.
Take off your coat.
- Who is this?
- Me and her's getting married.
he's our typist. he's coming
to live with me.
Bormenthal will have to be moved out
of the reception room.
He's got a flat of his own.
May l ask you to step into
my study for a moment?
- l'm coming with her.
- l beg your pardon.
The Professor wants to talk to the lady,
and you and l are going to stay here.
- l won't!
- No, l'm sorry.
He told me he'd been
wounded in battle.
He's lying.
l'm genuinely sorry for you,
but you know you should not...
...go off with the first man you meet
just because he has a steady job.
Baby, it's scandalous.
Nothing but salt beef
every day in the canteen.
He threatened me, he said
he was a Red Army officer.
He promised to take me to live
in a luxurious flat.
Pineapples every day.
ays he's kind-hearted, really...
...he only hates cats.
He took my ring as a keepsake.
l'll poison myself!
Well, well, well. You just have
to bear the pain a little while.
You're still so young.
Kindly take the trouble to explain
to this lady where you got
that scar on your forehead.
- l was wounded at the front fighting
against Kolchak. - top it!
Just a minute - the ring, please.
l'll get you. You'll remember me.
Tomorrow l'll arrange for some
reductions of the office staff!
Don't be afraid of him!
l won't let him do you any harm!
- What's her surname? urname?
- Vasnetsova.
Every day l shall personally make inquiries
at the City anitation Department,
if citizen Vasnetsova has been sacked!
And if l find out that she has,
l will shoot you down with my own hands!
l know where to lay hands
on revolvers myself.
Don't stop the engine.
You look right, you look left.
Let's go.
You stay here, you - here.
Watch carefully.
Catch him!
Catch him, catch!
- Well, Polygraph, you seem
to know where they are hiding.
- l can feel them with my heart. Get in.
Let's go quick. Be careful
not to let it slip by.
Have your pains come back?
No, Professor, l'm very
grateful to you.
l've come, hm, about another matter,
Philip Philipovich.
"also threatening to kill of the House
Собачье сердце Собачье сердце

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