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understand a little bit about
the anatomy and physiology?
Philip Philipovich - what a question!
Now listen to me,
Professor-to-be Bormenthal...
...No one will ever manage to turn him
into a human being. And don't ask me.
l spent five years doing nothing
but extracting cerebral appendages.
You know bow much work l did on the
subject - an unbelievable amount!
And now comes the crucial question - what
for? o that one fine day a charming dog...
...should be transformed into a specimen
so revolting that he makes
one's hair stand on end?
- omething extraordinary.
- l quite agree with you...
This, Doctor, is what happens when
a researcher, instead of keeping
in step with nature,
...tries to force the pace
and lift the veil.
The result is a harikov. We have made
our bed and now we must lie in it!
upposing the brain had been
pinoza's, Philip Philipovich?
But what in heaven's name for?
Will you kindly explain that to me?
Will you kindly tell me why one has
to manufacture an artificial human being,
when any woman can...
...give birth to a real one any day
of the week. - Philip Philipovich...
No, don't argue,
lvan Arnoldovich, please.
Theoretically, the experiment was
interesting. The physiologists will be
delighted. Moscow has gone mad.
But what have we got in practice?
Who is this creature? Who?
- An unmitigated scoundrel.
- Yes, but who is he?
Klim. Klim Chugunkin.
Twice sentenced, an alcoholic,
"take and divide everything up",
...hoodlum and swine. Yes.
l was concerned with something
quite different.
With eugenics, with the improvement of
the human nature. And what have l got?
You don't think l do these rejuvenation
operations because of the money, do you?
- l am still a scientist.
- And a great one, that's what l tell you.
Yes, Doctor, this case
is absolutely hopeless.
Okay, then, Professor.
lf you don't want to do it yourself,
l will take the risk of feeding him
a dose of arsenic.
l don't care if my father
was a court investigator.
No, absolutely not.
l won't let you do it.
l'm sixty - and have the right
to give you advice.
Never commit a crime
no matter against whom.
Keep your hands clean until old age.
For God's sake, Philip Philipovich...
...if that damned hvonder sets to work
at him, what is going to become of him?
l'm only just beginning to realize what
may become of our harikov, by God.
Aha, so you realize now, do you? Well, l
realized it ten days after the operation.
Now then, that hvonder
is the greatest fool!
Right now he's doing all he can
to turn harikov against me...
...not realizing that if someone
were in his turn to set harikov
against hvonder himself...
...there'll soon be nothing left of
hvonder but the bones and the beak.
Just think of the way he goes about cats.
A man with the heart of a dog.
Oh, no, don't insult the dog...
l assure you that his reaction
to cats is purely temporary.
The whole horror is that he now has
a human heart, not a dog's heart.
And about the rottenest heart
in all creation!
- l shall kill him.
- Help!
- What is it?
- Mommy! Help!
- What are you doing, bastard?
- Darya, let go.
Just look at our precious visitor
Telegraph Telegraphovich, Professor!
l've been married, l don't care.
But Zina's an innocent girl...
lt was a good thing l woke up!
Darya Petrovna, please forgive us.
Darya, we are young.
Doctor! l forbid you!
- Doctor!
- You haven't any right to fight.
Ok. OK. Just wait till morning.
Bormenthal, let go! Where are you
taking me? l can walk myself.
- l'll fix a little show for him when he
sobers up. - Philipovich, you tell him.
l warn you Egorovna, if you go on
burning parquet in the stove
l'll move you all out. That's it.
Excuse me, do you happen to know where
monsieur harikov is at the moment?
ls he not at home?
He's gone. What a fool l am not
to have locked the door!
Look for him yourself.
l'm not his guardian, am l?
All the more so because your
harikov is a
Собачье сердце Собачье сердце

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