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British colonialism.
l welcome you questions, comrades.
What is the main event of my life?
The main event in your life
is still ahead of you.
By God l'll do it.
The difficult years of fighting
for the liberty of this
country are gone.
The ones that follow them
are also difficult.
Kindly address me by
my name and patronymic.
Then call me by my name
and patronymic, too.
No, l won't have you addressed
by such a name in my flat.
lf you like, Doctor Bormenthal
and l will call you Monsieur harikov.
l'm not a 'monsieur'- all the
'monsieurs' are in Paris.
l see hvonder's been at work on you.
All right, l'll place an advertisement
in the papers today...
...and, believe me,
l'll find you a room.
l am no fool to move away from here.
- What?! - Don't be so impertinent,
Monsieur harikov!
There. l'm now a member of this
residential associate don
and the tenant in charge of flat...
...Number Two, Preobrazhensky, has got to
give me thirty-seven square feet of space.
Be so kind.
l'll shoot that hvonder
one of these days.
- Philip Philipovich...
- To hell with caution.
Mind you, lf you commit
one more piece of impudence...
...l shall deprive you of your dinner -
in fact, of all food in this house.
Thirty-seven square feet may be
all very well, but there's nothing
on that stinking little bit of paper...
...which says that l have to feed you!
l can't do without food.
Where would l eat?
Then behave yourself!
Eh, talk Moscow, speak Russia!
Come on, boys, come on!
What's wrong?
Ah, fuck you, Professor!
Come on, have a drink with us.
Who are they?
They are good guys. They'll stay
for the night with me.
lvan Arnoldovich, call the 45th
police department. Be so kind.
Get out.
Bormenthal himself should be turned
in to the 45th department.
He lives here without registration.
Who stole 20 roubles?
l didn't take them.
Who then? Who else, if not you?
l'm not alone in the apartment.
Maybe Zina took it?
Calm down, Zina.
Take him to the bathroom.
Philip Philipovich,
l shall never forget how...
...as a half-starved student came
to you and you how you gave me
a place at the faculty.
Believe me, Philip Philipovich,
you are much more to me
than a professor, a teacher.
Thank you.
l'm afraid l sometimes bawl
at you during operations...
You must forgive
an old man 's testiness.
The fact is, l'm really so lonely.
From eville to Granada...
Philip Philipovich, naturally,
it's not for me to offer you advice...
But look at yourself,
you're completely worn out,
you can't go on working like that.
- Absolutely impossible.
- o.
But l am deeply convinced that there is no
other solution than to put an end to him.
No, no, no, don't tempt me, don't even
mention it, l won't hear of it!
Don't you realize what would happen
if they found us out?
Because of our 'social origins' you
and l won't have any chance of...
...going to Paris, despite the fact
that we should be first offenders.
l don't suppose you have suitable
'origins', do you?
What the hell! My father was
a court investigator in Vilno.
There you are.
There's your bad blood.
You couldn't have come from
a more unsuitable background.
till, mine is even worse. My father
was dean of a cathedral. My mother...
From eville to Granada...
in the still of the night...
Damn it all.
Philip Philipovich, you are
a world-famous scientist.
And just because of some - forgive
the expression - son of a bitch...
...urely they can't touch you,
believe me!
- All the more so, l refuse to do it.
- But why not?
- Because you are not world-famous.
- Far from it.
o. l will never let a colleague
down in a calamity...
...and myself shelter behind my world-wide
reputation. That's something l won't do.
l'm a Moscow University alumnus,
not a harikov.
Are you just going to wait...
...until that hoodlum turns
into a human being?
lvan Arnoldovich, do you think


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