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over to Myur's and
buy a good collar.
What harm did professor Mechnikov
do to you? Little hoodlum.
Good boy.
There's a good dog.
Where are you going? Come to me.
Where are you going? Come to me.
Come, come.
A collar's just like a briefcase.
l have won the main dog's prize.
A knife wound in the heart? Excellent.
Bring it round at once, at once.
Zina! Tell Darya Petrovna to answer
telephone calls and take notes.
No visitors.
Get dressed, l need you here.
The dead man - Klim Grigorievich
CHUGUNKlN, 25 years old, single,
not a party member, sympathiser.
Brought before court three times
and found not guilty the first time
for lack of evidence...
...the second time he was saved by his
social origins, the third time given a
suspended sentence of 15 years hard labour.
Thefts. Profession: Plays
the balalaika in pubs.
Enlarged liver (alcohol).
Cause of death: struck in the heart
with a knife in a pub.
Quiet, come, come with me.
Come on, harik? harik.
Come here, don't be afraid.
Zina, take off the collar,
only don't excite him.
Doctor, the ether, quick.
May l leave now, Philip Philipovich?
You may.
Well, doctor. All in all we have
nine and a half minutes.
God help us. The knife.
Give me the glands.
Put in the stitches, doctor,
sew the skin this instant.
No one in Europe could equal
you, by God, Professor.
Cut it out. Turn him over.
- The pulse is dropping.
- lnjection.
- lnto the heart?
- Why ask?
He would have been dead five times
on your hands. Make the injection.
- He is alive, but only just.
- top musing: alive, not alive.
Give me the pituitary.
10 minutes.
He is dead of course?
- A thread of a pulse.
- titch him up.
Zina, l want clean
clothes and a bath.
l'll be damned! Just look at him,
he is not dead yet.
All the same he'll die.
l feel sorry for the dog, he was
good and affectionate although
he had his little ways.
And so, Timofeeva, you want
to christen your twins?
l want to name them.
That's right, l propose
the following names:
Barricade, Bebelina, Festelina...
No, no, no. No.
Let's give them simple names:
Clara and Rose.
ln honour of Clara Zetkin
and Rose Luxembourg, comrades.
The red thunderstorms are past
We have won a victory.
Mop up the tears shed in battle
With your sleeve.
Meet my colleagues.
Vasily Vasilievitch Bundarev,
Professor specializing in skin diseases.
Nikolai Nikolaevitch Persikov,
...director of the Moscow Exemplary
Veterinarian lnstitute... - How do you do.
This way, please.
You may begin, Doctor.
l am at a loss. By God,
it's unbelievable.
tart reading.
On December the 23rd Prof. Preobrazhensky
commenced the first operation of its kind...
...to be performed in Europe.
Under chloroformic anaesthesia the dog's
testicles and pituitary gland were removed...
..and replaced by implanted human testes
and pituitary taken from a dead male.
Purpose of the operation: conduct
an experiment to find out...
...about the functional viability
of the pituitary in a host organism
and its role in rejuvenation.
Operation performed by:
Prof. P.P. Preobrazhensky,
Assisted by: Dr. l.A. Bormenthal.
- Very interesting. And the outcome?
- Yes, what are the results?
The results are amazing.
There has been malting of hair on the
forehead and along the sides of the torso.
The bark instead of 'aow-aow' now
sounds more like a grown reminiscent
of the sounds "ah" and "uh".
But the most important point is the
lengthening of the extremities and
the replacement of claws with nails.
This way. Doctor.
Very strange.
These symptoms appeared on the fourth
day following the operation.
- The nails grow at an incredible pace.
- l've been watching it for two days now.
Congratulations, colleague. Wells'
characters are nothing compared to you.
- Well, l thought it was all rubbish. - What
use talking about Wells and minor matters.
Colleague, what you did was unheard of.
lt's a
Собачье сердце Собачье сердце

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