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Снежная королева

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was he named Kay?
Yes, he was Kay.
That's the name that the Snow
Queen called him.
He was white and very cold.
Let me go away, robber girl!
White with cold... He needs
someone to keep him warm,
to give him hot tea and toast.
That boy should be whipped
for making us worry.
Maybe he's a block of ice
by now, frozen solid.
You've got to let me go after Kay,
dear girl.
Let her go!
Quiet, that's enough!
Go to bed!
Stop looking so pitiful,
or I'll kill you on the spot.
It's late, our band has already
left for work. To bed!
- Let her go!
- Shut up!
I'm going to tie you
with the bandits' secret knot.
The rope is long, so it won't
keep you from sleeping.
Sleep, my lovely friend,
or I'll slit your throat open.
Good night!
Little girl! Little girl,
let us escape from here!
I'm tied up.
With my hooves
I cannot untie knots,
but you have fingers.
I'll try, I'll do my best.
- Quiet!
- Who are you?
It's you?
I put on this disguise
and followed the counselor.
He went straight to the bandits'
hideout, but I beat him there
and was made a bandit
right away
since the chief was impressed
by my ferocious looks.
Come on, let's be off.
Who's that with you?
It's my friend, the storyteller.
He's come to save me.
You wanted to escape from me,
didn't you?
I was going to leave you a note.
I must find Kay.
He will die if I don't.
Then give me a goodbye kiss
before you go.
Here's my coat.
No, I guess I'll keep your muff
and mittens.
I like them ever so much.
Get on his back.
Now go!
Thank you, robber girl.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Don't you bother with saying thanks,
you're staying here.
I want you to tell me stories
until Gerda comes back.
Go on, fly, reindeer,
before I changed my mind.
You there, what are you so sad about?
Tell me a story and make sure
it's funny,
or I'll shoot you.
Go on, hurry up, one, two... three!
Once, long ago...
a snowman was built
in a yard facing
a kitchen window.
And that poor fellow
looked at the fire and cried
with bitter tears because
warmth was what he wanted.
Once he said:
"Poor little Gerda!
Where she's now there's snow
everywhere she looks,
wind, too, it never stops howling.
It's cold... and sinister."
Gerda is such a little girl!
She must brave the snows, the storms,
the terrible ice all alone.
Don't cry about it.
No, don't cry.
Perhaps she will be able to win.
She's covered hundreds of miles.
She's been helped by people,
by animals, and the crows too.
She may be little, but she's strong.
Because she wants so much
to help little Kay.
Kay! Come here, dear.
I want to stop the spring
from coming.
So I must be off for the warm
I hope you won't be too sad
without me.
No. I no longer know eitherjoy
or sadness.
That's to the good. It's good
when one has no feelings,
of love or of anguish,
no feelings at all,
but only serenity.
You must promise to carry out
what I ordered.
Here is where the country
of the Snow Queen begins.
Further I dare not go.
Bless you, my dear friend
Goodbye now.
Her Majesty is not in.
But I came to see Kay.
Oh, Mister Kay is busy.
Let me by! Go on!
I'm not afraid of you!
Kay! Where are you?
Answer me!
Kay! Is it you?
I've found you at last!
Quiet down, you bother me.
Kay, my dear, it's your Gerda.
- I can see who it is.
- Have you forgotten me?
I never forget anything.
Are you trying to scare me
on purpose?
Are you teasing me? Or not?
You seem so changed.
I'm afraid of approaching you.
- Stop bothering me.
- What are you doing there?
I have to spell out something
with these ice cubes.
The word "eternity".
- Why?
- The Queen ordered me to do it.
If I can spell the word correctly,
she'll give me the whole world,
and a pair of new skates
besides that.
Kay, why are you acting
so foolishly?
Please come back and play
like we used to do.
I've seen many wonderful places,
and you sit right here...
Poor, foolish Kay!
Снежная королева Снежная королева

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