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Снежная королева

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I'm going to help you.
These are magic skis.
They'll be very useful
in your search.
Not bad, eh?
You may have them.
The king has a heart, too.
Don't you believe me?
You're a funny girl.
Watch. I'm going.
Good night, my dear.
Well, who won?
Did you forget that there're
secret doors in palaces?
Grab her!
You ought to be ashamed of
yourself, Your Majesty.
Plug your ears! You're dismissed!
It's a disgrace for a king.
A king can be as treacherous
as he wants.
Give back my skis!
I certainly will, I wouldn't
accept anything from you.
Go back to your master!
All right...
But I wish you'd be more polite.
Come on, give up!
I'm supposed to lock you up
in my dungeons.
The commercial counselor
insists upon it.
Is he here?
I think he's been following you
since you left home.
So do agree.
I'm very much in debt to this
I'm in his hands.
If I don't capture you,
he'll just ruin me.
He'd put a stop to ice deliveries,
and then we won't have ice-cream
He'd put a stop to cold steel
and my neighbors would defeat us.
I beg of you,
be my prisoner.
I'll pick the cell,
the very best I've got.
A king must be:
A, as cold as the snow.
B, as hard as winter ice.
C, more swift than a northern
Explain why this girl isn't
in prison?
It's because she's on
the princess's half.
You employ methods which are overly
polite. See how it's done!
No, that's not how it's done,
Counselor! Drop that child's hand.
- How did you manage to get here?
- I followed you.
- Summon the guard!
- Don't move!
That pistol won't shoot. He didn't
bother to put in the powder.
Don't move, Your Majesty.
Suppose I did put in the powder?
I tell you, it's not loaded.
But he says it is.
I'm about to make mincemeat
of this uninvited protector.
Kribble! Krabble! Booms!
Now move to the king's side
- Or I'll kill him.
- All right, I'll go.
They want to kill
my best friend!
The king tripped him.
You just wait. I'll make more
mischief than you've ever seen.
You're going to see a rainbow
of troubles!
Oh, I promise not to do it again.
The carriage is here!
To show appreciation, I'll give you
a blue ribbon with...
Bells and buttons and rosettes
and honorary swords.
- We're greatly honored.
- Thank you very much.
I'll catch up with you, Gerda!
Well, Counselor, I'm counseling
you to let us alone.
Keep your advice to yourself,
You've lost, Counselor.
Our little game isn't over yet,
I see that they've finally
calmed down.
Someone to see you.
What do you want here?
I need to see the chief of your
It is I!
Well, why did you stop chattering?
Since my husband passed away
from a bad cold...
Poor man, he was so wonderful!
...l've been running the business
If you've come to bother us,
it better be for a good reason,
because otherwise you're a dead man.
I have some secret business
to discuss with you.
Be off!
If you mind what I say,
some rich booty can be yours.
A carriage will pass on the road,
made out of gems and solid gold,
drawn by four horses selected
from the king's choicest.
Did you say it was made out of gold?
Yes, and that's why it moves slowly.
- And who is in it?
- A young girl.
- Is there a guard on it?
- No.
What part of the booty d'you want?
Don't set terms I don't like
or I'll shoot you.
All I want is the girl.
She's a poor orphan.
You couldn't get ransom for her.
I agree.
Hey, bandit on duty!
Bring the spy glass!
He didn't lie. A gold carriage!
Come on out! Get ready!
What's up now?
It's night already?
What's going on, my buckoes?
Naptime in camp is sacred.
Get out here, you lazy bones!
I won your boots!
Action stations!
Two times two
Makes four dead men!
Any passerby, watch out!
Just one word,
And you're a dead bod.
You'll be, too, knocked down and out.
Just for theft,
Just for theft,
We have stabbed,
We have stabbed
Снежная королева Снежная королева

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