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Снежная королева

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what's happened to Kay.
Well, I'm going to bed.
You're so ugly when you cry!
To bed, come on, quick!
I'll tell you what's happened
to Kay.
He was made to kiss the Snow Queen,
and the heart of whoever kisses her
becomes a cake of ice.
I'm afraid our own little Kay
has a heart of solid ice.
That's all right, that's all right.
We'll melt it with love for him.
Why, he'll be alright by tomorrow
evening, you'll see,
he'll be as full ofjoy and sweet
like he always is.
Look, boys, just look at that!
- Look at those horses!
- I'd love to have a ride!
Look, they're coming back again!
Kay, why don't you try to catch
a ride?
Wait! Stop!
Slow down, I said!
"Dear Grandma, the spring has come
and Kay's heart is still frozen.
He hasn't returned.
I'm going to look for him.
Your loving grandchild.
Good morning, Miss Inkpot!
Good morning to you,
my dear Mr. Goblin.
It breaks my heart
just to look at Grandma.
Kay's disappeared, and now little
Gerda's gone off to look for him.
What a terrible shame!
Wherever can the children be?
Yes, it's a tragedy, Mr. Goblin.
My sadness is going to dry me up.
I'll go on weeping ink drops
until I'm out of them...
Through fields and through forests
I'm making my way.
I'm looking in earnest
For my dearest Kay.
The flowers me beckon,
They flutter and sway.
I'll gather them, I reckon
To give Kay a bouquet.
And Grandma is crying
For her poor kids.
She's not even trying
To hide swollen eyelids.
While far away, in the snow,
Under a white icy dome,
Our dear Kay doesn't know
How much we want him home.
All over the hill
The clouds swim and crowd.
A lot of fear I feel
When going through a cloud.
But I shall go on
For many hundred days,
To make him return,
Our dearest, dearest Kay.
Excuse me, Miss, you wouldn't
throw rocks at me, would you?
Oh, I'd never do a thing like that.
I'm greatly relieved to hear that.
- Would you throw sticks?
- Oh, never, sir.
Or bricks?
Never in the world.
Permit me to thank you
and express my appreciation.
Does my vocabulary impress you?
Oh yes, very much, sir.
I know a lot of rare words:
cybernetics, chaise longue...
It's because I grew up in
the gardens of the royal palace.
I might be called the court crow.
My bride is a genuine
pedigreed court bird.
She eats only leftovers
from the royal kitchen.
I surmise you're not from these
No, I'm a stranger around here.
You seem greatly troubled.
Tell me your trouble,
I'm a trustworthy bird.
I'll help you if I can.
Klara! Klara!
Karl! Karl!
You're going to drop your beak
in surprise.
This girl is called Gerda.
Our cousin, the magpie,
is a terrible gossip.
She told us all about you.
Klara, and that's not all.
It appears that Kay is
the princess's betrothed.
No, Kay is a simple boy.
But the princess's betrothed
was also a very simple boy.
The princess chose him
just because he spoke boldly to her.
What's the prince's name?
His name is Your Royal Highness.
I must go and speak to the prince.
And if it's Kay,
I'm going to ask him to write home
to my grandmother,
and tell her he's well and happy,
and then I'll go home.
I'm afraid you won't be able
to enter the palace.
What should we do?
Are you a brave little girl, Gerda?
I'm scared of frogs,
but that's all I'm afraid of.
For the time being we'll hide you
in the attic
and sneak you in the royal palace
at night.
Grab my feet
and hang on with all your strength.
Stay to the right.
Don't cross that line.
What's the line for?
The king has given his daughter
and her betrothed half his kingdom.
He divided the royal apartments
in two, very carefully.
The right side belongs to
the prince and the princess,
and the left to the king.
It would be more prudent of us
to keep over on the right.
Come along!
What's that?
Those are the fantasies of
the ladies-in-waiting.
They're dreaming they are
at a grand ball.
And what are those?
Those are the dreams
Снежная королева Снежная королева

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