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Смертельное влечение

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ready for that party tonight.
Corn nuts!
BQ or plain?
You're going to pull a super-chug with that?
No, but if you're nice,
I'll let you buy me a slushie.
I see you know
your convenience-speak pretty well.
Yeah, well, I've been
moved around all my life.
Dallas, Baton Rouge, Vegas...
Sherwood, Ohio.
There's always been
a Snappy Snack Shack.
Any town, any time, pop a ham and cheese
in the microwave and feast on a turbo-dog.
Keeps me sane.
That thing you pulled in the caff today
was pretty severe.
Yeah, well, the extreme
always seems to make an impression.
Did you say a cherry or Coke slushie?
I didn't. Cherry.
Great bike.
Yeah. Just a humble perk
from my dad's construction company.
Seen the commercial, right?
"Bringing every state to a higher state."
Wait a minute. Jason Dean.
Your pop's Big Bud Dean Construction?
It must be rough moving place to place.
Everybody's life has got static.
Is your life perfect?
Yeah. I'm going to
a Remington University party.
No, my life's not perfect.
I don't really like my friends.
Yeah, uh, I don't really like
your friends, either.
Well, it's just like they're people I work with
and our job is being popular and shit.
Maybe it's time to take a vacation.
Hello, ladies.
Throw your coats on the floor.
Veronica, this is Brad.
Did you girls bring
your partying slippers?
- Let's party.
- She loves to party.
'Dear diary, I want to kill,
'and it's for more than just selfish reasons.
'More than a spoke in my menstrual cycle.
'You have to believe me.'
It's so great to talk to a girl
and not have to ask "what's your major?"
I hate that.
So, when you go to college,
what subjects do you think you'll study?
Come on, David.
Shouldn't we get back to the party?
We will.
It's just you're so hot tonight.
I can't control myself.
'I can't explain it but
I'm allowed an understanding
'that my parents and these
Remington assholes have chosen to ignore.
'I understand that I must stop Heather.'
How's my little cheerleader, huh?
Oh, I know everyone
at your high school isn't so uptight.
- Come on.
- I don't feel so good, OK?
Let's do it on the coats.
It'll be excellent, huh?
I have a prepared speech I tell my suitor
when he wants more
than I'd like to give him.
Gee, blank, I had a really nice...
Save the speeches for Malcolm X.
I just want to get laid.
You don't deserve my fucking speech.
'Betty Finn was a true friend
and I sold her out
'for a bunch of Swatchdogs
and Diet Cokeheads.
'Killing Heather would be like offing
the Wicked Witch of the West.
'Wait, East. West!
I sound like a fucking psycho.'
What's your damage?
Brad says you're being a cooze.
I feel really sick, like I'm gonna throw up.
Can we please jam now?
No. Hell, no.
'Tomorrow I'll be kissing
her aerobicised ass
'but tonight let me dream of
a world without Heather,
'a world where I am free.'
You stupid fuck.
You goddamn bitch.
You were nothing before you met me.
You were playing Barbies with Betty Finn.
You were a Bluebird, you were a Brownie,
you were a Girl Scout Cookie.
I got you into a Remington party.
What's my thanks?
It's on the hallway carpet.
I got paid in puke.
Lick it up, baby. Lick it up.
Monday morning you're history.
I'll tell everyone about tonight.
Transfer to Washington,
transfer to Jefferson,
no one at Westerburg's gonna let you
play their reindeer games.
Dreadful etiquette. I apologise.
That's OK.
I saw the croquet set up in the back.
You up for a match?
I thank you.
That was my first game of strip croquet.
You're welcome.
It's a lot more interesting
than just flinging off your clothes
and boning away
on a neighbour's swing set.
There's lots to be said for throwing off...
What a night.
What a life.
They wanted to move me
into high school out of the sixth grade
because I was supposed to be
this big genius.
Then we decided to chuck the idea
because I'd have trouble
making friends,
Смертельное влечение Смертельное влечение

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