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Damn it, Veronica.
We could have
toasted some marshmallows together.
What does she want? A written invitation?
Veronica! Dinner!
Veronica, I...
Oh, I... I... I should have let you
take that job at the mall.
It was just that I was afraid of you
coming home late at night and I...
Hey, Mom, why so tense?
(Knock on door)
(Dad) Hey, Prob, I need some help
with my homework.
Uh, not right now, tiger. I'm a little busy.
Veronica, JD told me
you committed suicide last night.
- Where is he? Where's JD?
- We have to talk.
Whether to kill yourself or not is the most
important decision a teenager can make.
Get a job.
(Door closes)
(Bell rings)
Rodney, where's everybody going?
- It's Friday.
- Shit, another damn pep assembly.
Yeah. You know, these things,
they get pretty artificial
but you know, at least you get out of class.
Rodney, what's underneath the gym?
The boiler room.
May I see your hall pass?
I knew that loose was too noose.
I mean, uh, noose too loose.
Goddamn you, woman.
Like father, like son.
A serious-as-fuck bomb in the boiler room
to set off a pack of thermals upstairs.
Ok, let's start by putting the bomb down
on the ground.
I knew that.
I knew that.
OK, put your hands on your head.
You didn't say "Simon says".
(Cheering from pep rally)
Let's go!
Let's go, Rottweilers, let's go!
Let's go, Rottweilers, let's go!
(Cheering continues)
(AIl) W-E-S!
- T-E-R!
- T-E-R!
- B-U-R!
- B-U-R!
- G!
- G!
- What does it spell?
- Westerburg!
- Again!
- Westerburg!
Lean to the left, lean to the right!
Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
You think because
you started this you can end it?
I'll kill, I'll fucking kill you, I swear to God.
How do I turn off the bomb, asshole?
Fuck you!
It's all over, JD. Help me stop it.
You want to clean the slate as much as I do.
All right, so maybe I am
killing everyone in the school...
because nobody loves me.
Let's face it, all right?
The only place different social types
can genuinely get along
with each other is in heaven.
Which button do I press to turn it off?
Try the red one, all right?
People are going to look at
the ashes of Westerburg and say,
"Now, there is a school that self-destructed,
"not because society didn't care
but because the school was society!"
It's pretty deep, huh?
Which red button?
Press the middle one to turn it off...
if that's what you really want.
You know what I want, babe?
Cool guys like you out of my life.
Colour me impressed.
You, uh, you really fucked me up
pretty bad, Veronica.
You, um...
you got power.
Power I didn't think you had.
The slate is clean.
Pretend I did blow up the school...
all the schools.
Now that you're dead,
what are you going to do with your life?
Veronica... you look like hell.
Yeah? I just got back.
Veronica, what are you doing?
Heather, my love,
there's a new sheriff in town.
Hey, Martha!
My date for the prom
kind of flaked out on me.
If you aren't doing anything that night,
maybe we can rent some new releases,
pop some popcorn.
I'd like that.
Yeah. So would I.
# When I was just a little girl
# I asked my mother, what will I be?
# Will I be pretty?
# Will I be rich?
# Here's what she said to me
# Qu ser, ser
# Whatever will be
# Will be
# Will be
# The future's not ours to see
# Well, well, well, well, ohh
# Qu ser, que ser
# Qu ser
# When I grew up and fell in love
# I asked my lover, what will I be?
# Will I be rich day after day?
# Here's how my lover said
# Qu ser, ser
# Yeah
# Whatever will be
# Will be
# Will be
# Qu ser, ser
# Whatever will be
# Whatever
# Will be
# Will be
# Will be
# The future's not ours to see
# Qu ser
# Qu ser
# Will be
# Qu ser
# Y'all get down ## When I was just a little girl


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