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Смертельное влечение

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in this copy of Moby Dick
but I believe the word Eskimo,
underlined all by itself,
is the key to understanding Heather's pain.
On the surface, Heather Duke
was the vivacious young lady
we all knew her to be...
but her soul was in Antarctica,
freezing with the knowledge
of the way fellow teenagers can be cruel...
the way that parents can be unresponsive...
and as she writes so eloquently
in her suicide note,
the way that life can suck.
We'll all miss Sherwood's little Eskimo.
Let's just hope
she's rubbing noses with Jesus.
Is this turnout weak or what?
I had at least 70 more people at my funeral.
Oh, God, Veronica,
my afterlife is so boring.
If I have to sing Kumbaya one more time...
What are you doing here?
I made your favourite -
Lots of oregano.
(Mum) Veronica! Dinner!
'Dear diary, last entry.
'No one can stop JD -
'not the FBI, the CIA or the PTA.
'He once told me that
the extreme always makes an impression.
'Well, now it's my turn.
'Let's see how the son of a bitch reacts
to a suicide he didn't perform himself.'
I can't believe you did it.
I was teasing.
I loved you.
Sure, I was coming up here to kill you.
First I was going to try and get you back
with my amazing petition.
It's a shame you can't see what
our fellow students really signed.
All right, listen.
"We students of
Westerburg High will die. Today.
"Our burning bodies
will be the ultimate protest
"to a society that degrades us.
"Fuck you all."
It's not very subtle, but, uh, neither's
blowing up a whole school, now, is it?
Talk about your suicide pacts, huh?
When our school blows up tomorrow,
it's going to be the kind of thing
to infect a generation!
I mean, it's going to be
a Woodstock for the '80s.
Damn it, Veronica.
We could have
toasted some marshmallows together.
What does she want? A written invitation?
Veronica! Dinner!
Veronica, I...
Oh, I... I... I should have let you
take that job at the mall.
It was just that I was afraid of you
coming home late at night and I...
Hey, Mom, why so tense?
(Knock on door)
(Dad) Hey, Prob, I need some help
with my homework.
Uh, not right now, tiger. I'm a little busy.
Veronica, JD told me
you committed suicide last night.
- Where is he? Where's JD?
- We have to talk.
Whether to kill yourself or not is the most
important decision a teenager can make.
Get a job.
(Door closes)
(Bell rings)
Rodney, where's everybody going?
- It's Friday.
- Shit, another damn pep assembly.
Yeah. You know, these things,
they get pretty artificial
but you know, at least you get out of class.
Rodney, what's underneath the gym?
The boiler room.
May I see your hall pass?
I knew that loose was too noose.
I mean, uh, noose too loose.
Goddamn you, woman.
Like father, like son.
A serious-as-fuck bomb in the boiler room
to set off a pack of thermals upstairs.
Ok, let's start by putting the bomb down
on the ground.
I knew that.
I knew that.
OK, put your hands on your head.
You didn't say "Simon says".
(Cheering from pep rally)
Let's go!
Let's go, Rottweilers, let's go!
Let's go, Rottweilers, let's go!
(Cheering continues)
(AIl) W-E-S!
- T-E-R!
- T-E-R!
- B-U-R!
- B-U-R!
- G!
- G!
- What does it spell?
- Westerburg!
- Again!
- Westerburg!
Lean to the left, lean to the right!
Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
You think because
you started this you can end it?
I'll kill, I'll fucking kill you, I swear to God.
How do I turn off the bomb, asshole?
Fuck you!
It's all over, JD. Help me stop it.
You want to clean the slate as much as I do.
All right, so maybe I am
killing everyone in the school...
because nobody loves me.
Let's face it, all right?
The only place different social types
can genuinely get along
with each other is in heaven.
Which button do I press to turn it off?
Смертельное влечение Смертельное влечение

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