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Смертельное влечение

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always makes an impression.
Well, now it's my turn.
Lets see how this son of a bitch reacts
to a suicide he didn't perform himself!
-Can't believe you did it!
I was teasing.
I loved you!
Sure, I was coming up here to kill you...
First I was gonna try and get you back
with my amazing petition.
It's a shame you can't see
what our fellow students really signed.
"We, students at Westerburg High, will die.
Today our burning bodies will be
the ultimate protest to a society that degrades us.
Fuck you all!"
It's not very subtle, but neither is
blowing up a whole school, now is it?
Talk about your suicide pacts, eh?
When our school blows up tomorrow,
it's gonna be the kind of thing to affect a whole generation!
It'll be the Woodstock of the eighties!
Damn it, Veronica!
We could have toasted some marshmallows together!
-What does she want, a written invitation?
Veronica! Dinner!
I... Oh...
I should have let you take that job at the mall.
It was just that... I was afraid
you coming home late at night,
and I...
-Hey mom! Why so tensed?
-Hey pap, I need some help with my homework!
-Not right now tiger, I'm a little busy.
JD told me you comitted suicide last night!
-Where is he? Where is JD?
-We have to talk.
Whether to kill himself or not is
the most important desisions a teenager can make.
-Get a job!
-Rodney, where's everybody going?
-It's friday.
-Shit, another pep rally.
-These things can get pretty artifical,
but at least you get out of class.
-Rodney, what's underneath the gym?
-The boiler room...
-May I see your hall pass?
-I knew that loose was too noose.
I mean, noose too loose.
Damn you!
-Like father, like son.
A serious-as-fuck bomb in the boiler room
to set off a pack of thermals upstairs.
OK. Lets start by putting the bomb down on the ground.
I knew that! I knew that...
OK, put your hands on your head.
-You didn't say "Simon says".
-Do you think that just because
you started this thing you can end it?
-I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill you,
I swear to God!
How do I turn off the goddamn bomb, asshole?
-Fuck you!
-It's all over JD, help me stop it!
You want a clean slate as much as I do.
Alright, so maybe I am killing everyone in the school,
because nobody loves me!
Lets face it, alright!
The only place where different social types can genuinly
get along with each other is in heaven.
-Which button do I press to turn it off?
-Try the red one, alright?
Seriously, people are gonna look
at the ashes of Westerburg, and say:
There is a school the self destructed
not because society didn't care,
but because the school WAS society.
Pretty deep, eh?
-WHICH red button?
-Press the one in the middle to turn it off...
if that's what you really want.
-Do you know what I'd want, babe?
-Cool guys like you out of my life.
-I'm impressed.
You... You really fucked me up
pretty bad, Veronica.
You've got power...
Power I didn't think you had.
The slate is clean.
Pretend I did blow up the school.
All the schools.
Now that you're dead,
what are you gonna do with your life?
-Veronica? You look like hell!
-Yeah? I just got back.
-Veronica, what are you doing?
-Heather my love,
there's a new sheriff in town.
-Hey, Martha! My date for the prom kind of flaked out on me...
I was wondering, if you aren't doing anything that night,
maybe we could rent some new releases?
Pop some popcorn?
-I'd like that.
-Yeah, so would I.# When I was just a little girl
# I asked my mother, what will I be?
# Will I be pretty?
# Will I be rich?
# Here's what she said to me
# Quй serб, serб
# Whatever will be, will be
# The future's not ours to see
# Quй serб, serб
# What will be, will be
# When I was just a child in school
# I asked my teacher, what should I try?
# Should I paint pictures?
# Should I sing songs?
# This was her wise reply
# Quй serб, serб
# Whatever will be, will be
# The future's not
Смертельное влечение Смертельное влечение

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