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Служебный роман

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That kind of a job.
What do you know
about Novoseltsev?
He's a loser.
A bachelor with two kids.
Have you been waiting long?
OK, I'll come later.
Do you remember
Liza Leontieva?
A pretty blonde...
...with a braid?
- She doesn't work here now.
- No, I can't remember.
Sure. So, she was his wife.
Gave birth to two kids...
...and then... went astray.
How could she leave the kids?
She's a mother!
Some mother!
Novoseltsev, he was their mother.
A quiet, gentle,
harmless person.
Never heard
a rough word from him.
Yes... harmless...
Novoseltsev, you're
up against the wall.
The crone's got interested in you.
She's studying your personal file.
I am being fired.
What for?
For hooliganism.
Vera, could you find out...
maybe she won't see me now?
OK. Wait here.
Novoseltsev is here.
I haven't called him.
OK, I'll tell him you're busy.
No... it will be tactless.
Tell him he may come in.
You must see her.
Must I?
How is she?
Break your leg.
Good morning,
Prokopia Ludmilovna...
I have come... I don't...
I have...
don't know why.... Yes.
Yesterday... a maggot bit me.
I noticed that.
Or I broke loose.
Very close to the truth.
So, I got loose...
like a cannon.
Sit down, comrade Novoseltsev.
Anatoly Efremovich.
Better die standing.
Sit down, don't be afraid.
Thank you.
Please be my guest.
Yesterday you...
...took the liberty of saying...
...I have nothing human in me.
You should not pay any attention
to what I was babbling yesterday.
Yes, I should! Why not?
You express the opinion...
... of a certain part of our staff.
Do I?
Yesterday you slandered me
in public.
Insulted me.
I did...
- Everything you said is a rank lie!
- A rank... lie.
- I totally disagree with you.
- And me... totally...
- Why do you weasel all the time?
- I don't weasel.
What kind of man are you?
I can't get the hang of you.
Don't hang me... Why?
- You said I am callous!
- No, you're tender.
- Inhuman!
- Human...
- Heartless!
- Heartful.
- Dry!
- Wet.
I am sorry,
Ludmila Prokofievna...
Stop... mocking me!
God forbid... It's not my intent...
I just... I don't....
I can't understand
why this word... 'wet'... I...
I was going to say... 'sweet',
Ludmila Prokofievna.
I can't see why you hate me so much,
in what way have I offended you?
I didn't do you out of your job.
No, you didn't.
- You were not laid off from your job.
- Not just yet.
You have been getting your bonuses...
I have... I... Ludmila Prokofievna...
I criticized your report, but then,
pardon me, I have the right to do it.
- I'm the director, as yet.
- We adore you...
We love you... Deep in our hearts.
Somewhere very, very deep.
- So deep I can't see it.
- No, you can. You should.
What is that nonsence
you're talking?
You're so democratic.
Yes, democratic.
Lying again!
Stop that now!
You can't even imagine...
When you summon us to your office...
- It's like a holiday!
- It's horrible!
What are you doing?
Are you crying?
Stop crying!
You can't do that, you're a director.
It's not for you to decide,
what I can do as a director.
I have superiors
to make such decisions.
Here, drink... water...
in a bottle.
- May I...
- Yura, wait outside... Get out.
- What's happening?
- We have a meeting!
- What's going on?
- She's firing him. For hooliganism.
Ludmila Prokofievna,
I have to talk to you.
- Later. Let us have our meeting.
- Stop ordering people around...
I am still the director here,
still the host... the hostess...
I'm afraid he's off his crust again.
What a rouser!
Stop blubbering, damn it!
I'm not a nanny
to look after you, am I?
I am not some garbage... either.
OK, go on crying.
It's good for you.
If you are able to cry,
not everything may have been lost.
Don't bother, I'll answer. Hallo!
Hallo! No, she's busy.
What minister?
- She doesn't care for a minister.
- Give me the phone!
What have you done? How can you
talk to the
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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