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Служебный роман

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First floor, please.
Just a sec!
Are you our new deputy?
Masha Selezneva has an addition
to her family.
Give me 50 kopecks and sign here.
It's real sweet!
How pleasant to see a man
respond in such a way.
Take the change.
No, I spare no expense
for Masha.
Have you paid?
I have paid.
- Have you?
- I have!
Have you bought new boots, Vera?
I haven't decided yet.
Do you like them?
They attract too much attention.
I wouldn't wear such boots.
And if I were you, I wouldn't be
interested in boots during the hours.
They are good boots, then.
I have to buy them.
Kalugina has no great opinion of you.
She thinks you're a mediocrity.
I think she's right.
Irony is a mask for the helpless.
But we have to find a way
to approach her.
What's her weak point?
She has no weak points.
She is a woman, not young,
not beautiful, lonely...
She is no woman,
she's the director.
What's this? Your car?
Get in, little boy.
I'd say! Is this a Volga?
In a way.
Get in.
It's a small apartment!
And what's this?
Just a stereo.
Ooh... built-in, isn't it?
Two speakers, left and right.
I am going to the Ministry,
will be back late.
Comrade Novoseltsev, attend
to your report, finally.
Ludmila Prokofievna, so
I am waiting for you tonight.
I'll be there.
If you only knew,
how dreadful she is to me.
Like a wolf.
I am having a party tonight
to celebrate my appointment.
Please, come too.
While out of the office,
try to establish a contact with her.
Try stepping up to her a bit.
If I suggest you promotion
again, she'll growl at me.
How can I step up to her,
when she growls?
No, it's a brilliant idea.
Treat her as a woman.
I can't treat her as a woman.
As a man, I can't.
Yes, I can, as a man...
I do not suggest
your flirting her seriously...
...with far-reaching intentions.
Just, well, go for her... slightly.
No position in the world can make
me step up to her.
Let's make a deal:
I am not stepping up...
...and you invite Olya, eh?
I am invited, and she's not.
What's Olya for?
Yes, anyway!
Come around eight.
Bite in. It's good.
Why aren't you eating?
Your home is very nice. Cosy.
And I like your wife.
Here, we have matching tastes.
I hope they will also
match in our work.
What is this thing?
It's a mobile. Kinetic sculpture.
You know, it's in high fashion in Europe.
Used to decorate interiors.
Illusion of a motion. A concept
developed by Scalder, an American.
Our time is all rush and no peace.
At home, it helps to settle your nerves.
Get back to your guests,
they will be bored without you.
How can I leave you alone?
I'll just sit here,
browse through magazines.
Noise wears me down.
I like being alone.
Don't bother.
- Have a rest.
- Thank you.
Tolya, can I see you for a sec?
- Tolya!
- I'm coming.
You glutton.
It's a favourable situation.
She is alone there
having a rest.
Good, I will not interrupt her.
Stop being a fool!
Go and offer her a cocktail.
You're the host, you do.
I do understand.
She's a scarecrow.
Don't look at her,
look aside.
Have pity on me!
I'm afraid of her!
Tolya, seize the chance!
- I am afraid.
- Tolya, go ahead!
Well, how do you feel, Olenka?
Your life's grand, Yurka.
Try that salad.
This one? I have.
I am making this salad
better than your wife.
You should add apple paste in it.
Your character hasn't changed.
Do you remember my character?
I remember everything.
So do I.
Tolya! What's this!? Go!
Go now!
Oh Lord, why is it
happening to me?
May I come in,
Ludmila Prokofievna?
You may, comrade Novoseltsev.
Thank you very much.
Have a seat.
Not here.
- Have you got some question?
- No!.. Yes.
Have a cocktail.
I do not drink,
comrade Novoseltsev.
And right you are.
Neither do I.
Then why have you brought it in?
To drink it.
But it was a mistake.
And not the only one.
Ludmila Prokofievna,
I want to say...
You were amazingly far-seeing.
What's that!?
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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