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Служебный роман

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rid of you with pleasure.
- Here. Finished.
- By the way, I hope you haven't suffered much financially?
The circus tickets won't be wasted?
- I'll flog them in speculative price.
- I've never doubted your practicality.
Let's read it, let's be curious.
- Do, please.
What is it?
- Such a shame. It's drawn up incorrectly.
You haven't put down the reason of your resignation.
- Where should I put it?
- Are you OK with wasting the paper?
- Yes, I am.
Our paper industry works well.
- Write quickly. I have lots of work.
- Your "lots" can wait.
- Quicker, please. - I can't.
- Did you study badly at school? - No. I studied well.
- I knew that you got the worst marks in school.
- Let's leave my shadowy past alone.
- Let's read it.
- You'll oblige me.
- So you are leaving...
- I am leaving and you are staying.
- So what's the reason of your leaving?
- You can read it there.
- You’re leaving because the director of your company is... petty tyrant?
- What a kind, sensitive, hearty person!
- Will you stop bullying me at last!
- What a touchy person!
- Yes, I am!
- How peculiarly and wonderfully you treat me.
Nothing can be said. You are a true modern man.
- What right have you got to slander me like this?
- Come on!
- If you are a director, you think you can do everything?
To humiliate! To disgrace!
- You - yes! - To beat me?
- Yes. And it's not enough even.
- To be rude! "Old stick"!
Real "old stick".
- "Old stick"? Well!
- What are you doing, Ludmila Prokofievna! It hurts! Not with this, please!
Please, be careful.
Have a mercy! You'll kill me!
- Nothing can kill you!
Take that!
- I'm forced to protect myself. Take care, Ludmila Prokofievna!
Don't fall. And leave me alone, please. You'll mutilate a valuable employee.
The country will be deprived of work force! Don't hit me on head, it's my tender point.
My glasses - it's first! You bruised me - it's second! I've lost all patience!
- What's it?
- Calm down. It's shower.
I'll wipe it. I'll dry it. I'll wash it.
Not with a chair, please! What are you doing?
Put the chair down! Vera, come to the rescue of the father of two children!
- Rotter!
- Don't hit a man when he's down! It's the tender point!
Vera, help me!
- Vera, he called me an "old stick"!
- It tickles!
- Put Vera down!
I'll destroy you! I'll mutilate you! I hate you! Let me go!
- Where are you going?
- Drive straight!
In 9 months the Novoseltevs have got another boy.
Служебный роман

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