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- I've locked the door.
- Take a seat, please.
- You too. Please.
- Take a s-s-seat.
- I've bought two tickets. But not for a theater - for a circus. Do you like circus?
- Sitting on the table is not customary in my office.
- Sorry. I thought this rule didn't apply to me anymore.
- I want to congratulate you, comrade Novoseltsev.
I've been thinking about the right candidate for a long time
and decided that I won't find anybody more suitable.
You are determined, able, energetic, enterprising
too enterprising.
I've signed your appointment as a department head.
- Why? What have I done to you?
- Do you refuse?
- I just don't want to be appointed with that tone of voice.
- You dont deserve another tone.
- Why? What's the matter?
What happened while I was away buying tickets?
- It happened much earlier.
And I give your ingenuity its due.
- What? I haven't invented anything.
- Don't be modest. Why?
To go after me so as to be appointed - isn't it an excellent idea?
- I knew that it would not end well.
Of course I didnt have any right to woo you for my career
but I didn't know then that I'd fall in love with you.
You can't even imagine how far from it I was.
- You are an awful person, Novoseltsev.
- I?
- You.
Your conduct doesnt have a name.
And you don't even realize how nastily and disgustingly you've behaved.
- I have attenuating circumstances.
I love you. I do.
- I don't believe you.
- But you believed Samohvalov.
- Well, that's enough. Go to do your work.
You have a new interesting post now. You'll need lots of skills and strength to cope with it.
You'll need to concentrate. You've got what you wanted.
- And what about the circus?
- I have enough of it in real life.
- May be...
- No... There's no "may be".
- Then I refuse the appointment. I have to pay too much for it.
- You are lying again.
- No. It's not the time for lying.
- Go. I'm not interested in these nuances anymore.
Go to your desk.
- Where's the appointment paper?
- With the secretary.
- Give me my appointment paper.
- Yes, I still remember your voice.
- You know, I've realized why we split up. We need a child.
- Do you want us to have a child?
- Yes. The sooner the better.
- But I can't leave now. Its two more hours before the end of the working day.
- Why dont you greet me, Tolya?
- Good morning, if it pleases you.
- Tolya! I don't want to have any uncertainty between us.
- It seems to me that everything is certain.
- Though it's not easy for me to admit but it's well done! I've started respecting you.
You did have a reason to hit me.
- You'll go far.
- Novoseltsev's left his resignation.
- Are you serious about leaving?
- Yes, I've found another job.
Close to my home, the salary is better and the job itself is bigger-scaled.
- Do you think I know nothing? Youre leaving because of her.
- Ask Novoseltsev to come to my office.
- Anatoly Efremovich, Ludmila Prokofievna is sending for you.
- I've read your resignation, comrade Novoseltsev.
- You've read it in a peculiar style.
It's easy to write another one.
- I'll do the same with a new one.
- I'll write a third, forth and fifth.
I'm not going to work for you. I don't want it and I won't!
- You will, comrade Novoseltsev.
- I won't, comrade Kalugina.
- I don't give you leave.
- You will.
- You're irreplaceable.
- Such don't exist.
You'll find another man. More decent; more honest; who doesn't lie.
- I guess you also want to find another director, younger and more beautiful.
Don't you?
- I do, I do. Besides, it's not a problem.
- You always burst into my office to slander me.
- I don't burst but you send for me, tear me away from work.
- I haven't sent for you!
- Yes, you have!
- Go and do your work! Who's holding you?
- I can't. You are holding me.
You won't sign my resignation so I can't leave.
- Write it. I will sign. I'll do it with great pleasure.
Write. The paper is shameless anyway.
- I am writing.
- I'll get

- Eorin shinbu

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