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going to write to you anymore.
You know, give me the letters back.
I don't want your wife to find them and make a scene.
- I'm sorry.
- It's incredible! I've been trying to rub off this terrible paint
from 6am.
I tried with a knife, with soap but nothing helps.
You see what high-grade quality our paint is: nothing can take it off.
- Tomorrow my Alexey is coming home.
- I'm happy for you.
Say to him hello from me. He's a first-class guy.
- First-class...
Will you come to our place on Sunday?
- I will.
- I'm looking at you, Verochka, and thinking:
if I was a careless person I'd - ooh!
- Olga Petrovna, good morning. You look wonderful today.
I do like your work. Come into my office when you can. Well chatter a little.
How is the cat?
- It said: better.
- Just like that?
- Yes. Just like that.
- It's a wonderful cat. The best cat in the world.
- I've got an idea - let's go out tonight.
To a theater.
- Splendid. I haven't been in a theater for ages.
And what's on?
- I don't know. It doesn't matter.
- True. It doesn't. Let's go.
Good morning, Verochka. Is comrade Kalugina in?
- Oh God, who is it?
- It's me. Like it?
- Kikin'! You even look younger.
- Am I a good pupil?
- Prodigy!
- Guess why I'm late.
- You must have been in District Committee.
- I overslept.
It's the first time in my life I've overslept.
And do you like my hair-do?
- The best ever possible!
- I agree.
- Coffee?
- I can be abrupt and rude sometimes...
- That's a fact.
- That's true, I have a terrible character.
- Yes, horrid.
- Will you forgive me, my dear, if I've ever hurt you?
- It's Ok. I'm not an angel either.
- Neither of us is.
Let's forgive each other. To our health.
- What an interesting reproduction of Jokonda.
- Come on, it's not a reproduction.
It's our computer. Barovskyh programmed it.
It's hung here for a month already.
- I haven't noticed. Ive noticed nothing before.
Oh, I don't want it... I don't want it so much but I have to start working at last!
- Good morning, Ludmila Prokofievna. You look wonderful today!
- I'll always look this way from now on!
- Verochka, can you tell me what the matter with Ludmila Prokofievna is?
- She's got an affair with Novoseltsev. Don't you know? Everyone does.
- Office affair!
- I'll help you!
- Thanks.
Any news, Ury Grigorievich?
- Everyone is talking of one thing only.
- Which?
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Tell me, please.
- No! You'll find out without my help.
- Why? Do tell me.
I want to be in the know.
- I don't even know how to call it.
- Call it somehow.
- They say that Novoseltsev is wooing you.
- It's true. So what?
- Nothing. But it's compromising you.
- I've such a stainless reputation that it'd be better to have compromised it long ago.
- But you don't know everything. It's my duty to warn you.
Do you remember coming to my party?
- Of course.
- It was then that Novoseltsev decided to go after you
in order to be appointed a department head.
I don't want to blacken him. Hes very able and sure to handle the job.
It's easy to understand him.
A considerable rise in pay; and ambitions, of course.
You may think that I've thought it up in revenge
but some things I could have known only from him.
For example, that he tried to treat you to a cocktail and you refused.
Or that you talked about mushrooms.
- Vera, come into my office and bring a notebook.
- I have a surprise for you.
Look, I've procured a body-shirt. They say it's Carden. Only 50 roubles.
- Write down an order.
This is to appoint him a head of Light Industry Department
with the salary according to the list of members of staff. Signature - mine.
- Who? You haven't said who.
- Haven't?
Novoseltsev Anatoly Efremovich.
- Verochka, you look charming today. I'll go in without knocking.
And don't let anyone interrupt us - we have a meeting.
She's not here and is not coming today.
So that your Ministers didn't bother us.
- Sit down, comrade

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