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know where to start.
- Start somewhere. Start with the most important.
- With the most important?
- Well... start somehow.
- I have a... proposal.
- Rationalization?
- Kind of.
- I'm all attention.
Excuse me. Just a minute.
It's for you.
A woman.
- No...  its a kid. It's Vovka.
They are alone and I left them your... our... phone number.
What happened? Which paint?
Why did you go out to the balcony? Go to bed quick. And don't call anymore!
When I get home I'll kill both! And I'll rub off everything!
They dont have enough paint.
- Which paint? - Green.
I bought some paint to paint the balcony and they've painted the kitchen door.
So where were we?
- You've had some proposal to me.
- I?
- No?
- Yes.
But I don't know what you'll think of it.
- Will you tell me, please! Don't torture. You make me nervous.
- It's hot... I'm all sweating. Can I have some water?
- Here are Bordgomi or lemonade.
- It's all the same. Would you like some too?
Oh, lemonade, bubbles...
Ludmila Prokofievna...
- Well, I... please.
- Esteemed Ludmila Prokofievna. No. Dear Ludmila Prokofievna. There.
I have children. Two: a boy and ... a boy.
Two boys. It's a burden.
- How can you say that about kids!
- Don't interrupt me; I'll get confused without help.
Who are you? You are an excellent director; talented leader.
You are a striking woman. Really! Don't argue. That's true.
And who am I? A mediocre employee with mediocre
salary and questionable appearance.
- It's not true.
- No, it's true.
And I'm afraid of you! Really.
- Why?
- I don't know. I'm talking now but trembling inside.
- It's a shame.
- I can't adorn your life.
Why should you need me? I have two children: a boy and a gi... boy.
- You're lucky.
Let's drink to your health.
- What have I done?
- You've ruined my new dress.
- Sorry... You need salt.
- You can't wash out red wine stains.
- Take off the dress! Quick! No! Not now... Not here. Why...
- So why are you telling me to take it off?
- I said without thinking. I'll find some salt now!
- Stop it, really!
Please, stop it. I'm not going to wear it anyway.
- Take a seat. I'll sprinkle you with salt now and the stainll disappear.
- Leave it alone! Damn the dress!
If you don't stop talking right now I'll burn the dress before your very eyes! Sit down!
I'm so excited about you proposal. You're not mediocre at all.
You're so attractive... And I'm the opposite... Why should you need me?
Don't interrupt, please. Don't say anything.
I've listened to you and haven't interrupted even once. Let me have my say now.
Anatoly Efremovich... I'm all in work.
My life is settled in a way.
It's taken shape. I'm a confirmed bachelor. I'm used to ordering about...
I'm hot-tempered and can spoil anybody's life... Even if he's very attractive...
But this isn't the matter really...
The matter is that I don't believe you.
- Why?
- Well, I don't.
- Youve been the dearest person to me for several days already.
- You're also dear to me. I'm thinking of you more often than one may...
But it doesn't matter.
- It does.
- I've had a sad story in my life already.
I dated a man.
We dated for a long time. And then he married my friend.
- I'm not going to marry your friend.
- You can't do that.
I abolished all friends. I destroyed them.
But it doesn't mean that I can marry you like that, in a rash.
- I don't understand.
Do you refuse? - No! Yes!
- Do you accept?
- I don't know.
Yes, Vova. Of course, Vova.
- What's the matter?
- Has anything happened?
- Yes.
Theyve dropped a cat into the drain-pipe.
- Let's rescue the cat!
- Olenka, I'm waiting for you here.
How are you?
- Im well.
I'm telling you about it every day in my letters.
- My sweet, kind, lovely girl...
- What happened, Ura? Are you well?
- Don't sneer, Olya. I'm reading your letters as if they were a poem.
Ive never thought you can write like that.
I'm keeping the letters with me all the time.
- Don't worry, I'm not

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