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ridiculous! I know Olya and her husband well.
They are an excellent match.
Why are you gossiping all the time?
- He gave me the letters himself to deal with them at Local Committee meeting.
- Ury Grigorievich? At the meeting?
Fk off! Go to your Accountancy Department! Or even further!
- Crazy! And I got free resort stays for his children!
- Viper!
May I?
- I will talk to her again softly and nicely.
- Im glad that you have understood my point of view.
- Have I borrowed 20 roubles from you? I want to pay you back!
- Why now and here?
- Right now and right here.
Will you count it, please?
- Yes, thats right.
- Right?
- What? Are you nuts? Im sorry, Ludmila Prokofievna.
- Go on, dont be shy.
- Im not going to leave it like that.
- And will you strike him back?
- Oh, I will by any means! But in a different way!
- Now, Comrade Novoseltsev, youve abased yourself completely.
Whats that - you start a fight in your directors office?
- In Deputys office.
Actually you are right. Next time Ill beat him in your office.
- You are not only a liar, a coward and a snot but also a brawler.
- Yes, I am a hard nut to crack.
- Im afraid that Ill have to try to change you.
- Yes, please, do.
- Ive been queueing!
The old woman sent me to the Accountancy Department but Ive escaped.
Im really sorry for you, as a woman for a woman, but your behaviour is immoral!
I didnt believe all that gossip - but Samohvalov told me himself.
Ive read your letters. What are they? You are married,
you are a mother but you write such indecent letters.
Id advise you to stop it. Put it out of your head
and return to your family, to the collective,
to your work! Thats the way things should be.
- Why did he give them to you? Did he want to laugh at me?
- No! He just wanted to consult me how we can help you.
- Ive no doubt that you gave him a good piece of advice.
My heart is sair-I dare na tell,
My heart is sair for Somebody;
I could wake a winter night
For the sake o' Somebody.
O-hon! for Somebody!
O-hon! for Somebody!
I could range the world around,
For the sake o' Somebody.
I could range the world around,
Ye Powers that smile on virtuous love,
O, sweetly smile on Somebody!
Frae ilka danger keep him free,
Frae ilka danger keep him free,
O-hon! for Somebody!
O-hon! for Somebody!
I wad do-what wad I not?
For the sake o' Somebody.
I wad do-what wad I not?
- Come in! Its open.
Take your coat off. Come in. Ill be with you in a minute.
Come into the room. Take a seat.
- Don't hurry! I'm in the room.
Make yourself comfortable. Dont be shy.
So why dont you say anything? This all... it doesnt become me?
I should not have put it on.
I must look ridiculous.
If its all in poor taste Ill take it off.
Of course, Im not used to wearing this...
- You are a beauty, Ludmila Prokofievna!
- Do you really like it?
- Very much.
- Thats great!
Well, lets take a seat. Please.
Lets have dinner.
- Yes. Lets.
Would you... like some wine?
- Yes, sure! Help yourself too.
Here... is... there... wine.
- OK. Red or white?
- Or white! - Or white.
- But perhaps red! - Perhaps.
- Thank you. Help yourself too.
- I will. Enough.
- Let's propose a toast to something.
- To what?
- I don't know.
- Neither do I. So to what?
- Let's drink to everybody's health.
- An excellent toast!
- Really? You like it?
- Very much! Let's drink.
- Let everyone be healthy.
- Yes, let them.
A little rough but I... Try the salad.
It's delicious. And here's the fish too.
Thank you... But... It's not worth bothering... I'm grateful.
- There... There are sweets.
- I thought so... Thank you.
- Can I help you?
- Just a little. It's enough of greens.
- Here... And the fish.
- But just a little.
- I've arranged an appointment to see you next Wednesday
- What for?
- It's private.
- Why should we wait till Wednesday when we can discuss everything now?
If you don't mind.
- No, I don't. Right now?
But I don't

- Donggam

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