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that one birthday... or... whats that... Womens Day.
But I wouldnt bring any flowers.
- Why are you lying all the time?
- No! Im not.
I havent brought you any flowers. Am I crazy?
Or sick? Excuse me. I have lots of work to do.
- First you bring the flowers and then come here to slander me?
- I havent slandered you...
- You can keep your bunch then!
- Youd never have thrown a bouquet at any other employee
You must be not indifferent to me then?
- If you say another word Ill throw a carafe at you.
- If you do it with carafe then you really  me this...that...
- Go away now.
- Now.
- And never come to my office if I havent sent for you. Is it clear?
- Clear.
- And please be good enough to come only on visiting days.
- I will be.
- If you have any business to me arrange an appointment through the secretary first.
And without any serious business - don't come!
- Without - never.
Good bye. Ill never come to you again. For sure... all... Sorry.
- It's not a public thoroughfare.
- It won't happen again.
Where are the doors?
- In proper place.
- Dad! Phone!
- Is it Uncle Misha? Tell him I'll call him back.
- It's some unknown woman.
- Let me find out.
- I am really sorry. I lost my temper yesterday
and did not behave well.
May be it really wasn't you who'd brought that unfortunate bouquet?
- No, it was me actually.
- Well, you know... That's enough! You are absolutely shameless!
- May I?
- Yes, come in.
- Can I leave a letter once again please?
- Yes, Ill give it to him into his own hands.
- Im describing here my ideas for statistics improvement in light industry.
- You know, I do understand you.
Its very important to improve statistics in light industry sector in particular.
- Thank you.
- It will be all right.
- Good morning, Ury Grigorievich.
- Youll make me enter my office through the window. Thats not good.
- Theres a letter for you. From Ryzhova.
- Listen, will you ask Shura to come to my office, please.
Why there always should be someone in my office during working hours?
It should be done either in the evening or in the morning!
- They have the same working hours as we do.
The letter!
- Shurochka, I need to talk to you about something delicate.
Im worried about the state of one of our colleagues.
- I know who youre talking about.
- Does anybody else  knows?
- Our whole institution.
- I see that our information system is excellent.
Than it makes it even more important to help her overcome this crisis.
To give her a helping hand. Here. Read this.
- Aloud?
- Its up to you.
- "My dear sweet Ura..."
But this is very private!
- I conceal nothing from my collective.
- Look, here she is!
- Theyre changing windows in my office.
- Then it means mine is done already.
- Do you need anything?
- Its an emergency!
Ryzhovas head over heals about Samohvalov and is bombarding him with love letters.
- How do you know?
- Here they are.
- Where have you got them from?
- Hes given them to me himself
so that our community interfered and protected him.
- Give them to me!
- Its all Ryzhovas fault.
She could have kept her feelings to herself.
- As far as I know you work in Accountancy Department?
- I think so.
- Do you remember it well?
It would be really useful if you sometimes - from time to time -
paid attention not only to public matters but also to your straight duties.
Vera, dont let anyone in!
- Can you imagine, Samohvalov gave me Ryzhovas letters...
- Bustard!
- But instead I was sent to the Accountancy Department!
- You deserve even worse!
- I have the letters youve given to Local Committee.
Unfortunately, I have a different point of view on the matter.
Such things should be dealt without the help of community.
- Its easy to say...
- Im ashamed of your behaviour.
You should be patient and tactful.
- I meant well.
- Its cruel to make the letters public.
Its a dirty work, dont you understand?
- Thats

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