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aircraft designer.
And we went to a restaurant.
- Which one?
- Put the horse down, it's heavy, why are you g-g-grasping it like that?
- I've become united to it.
- Which restaurant? We went to Aragvi.
We ate there; what else? Enjoyed ourselves. Chickens "Tabaka"... satsyvi...  kupaty...
k-k-kebabs... chebureks
- Chebureks?
- Chebureks
- And what did you drink?
- Drank? We drank Hvanchkara wine, Bordgomi mineral water
- But you don't drink!
- Why I don't drink? Very do drink why
I won't refuse a glass of good wine especially when I'm in a good company.
Why have you glued yourself to the horse? Put it down! You'll overstrain yourself.
- No, I won't overstrain myself. It's a small horse, it's a pony.
So what happened after the dinner?
- You are too bold, comrade Novoseltsev!
Put the horse down at last!  Why are you holding it as if it were your own?
- I love animals.
- So, what about you? How did you spend yesterday evening?
- I? Decently.
I went home by a trolley-bus, then I helped my elder son to do his home-work - he's in the second school year now. Then I played with my younger one.
And then my wife
- Eh?
- My wife served us the dinner.
- Is your wife's name Lisa?
- She's so, fair with a plait?
- Yep, fair with a plait.
- Is it your ex-wife? Do you have another now?
- No, the same, with a plait.
- You don't have any wife, Anatoly Efremovich, and I know it well. Why are you always lying?
- Because you're giving me an example, Ludmila Prokofievna.
I know well too that you don't have any aircraft designer.
- Why are you taking liberties with me? What right have you got to do it? I'm still your director!
Why have you dropped the horse? Why are you lying with it like this?
- We aren't lying, we have fallen.
- Fallen?
- Yes. From the horse.
- Stop feigning!
- We feel bad.
- Don't pretend.
- No, really.
- What are you? Will you stand up right now and go away together with the horse!
- We're in pain, we've got a bump.
- A bump?
Then you need to put something cold on it.
- Yes, we've got work injury.
- There's no bump.
- It'll be in future.
- If you are i-i-insisting, you need to put something c-c-cold on it.
- Why are you helping me yourself?
Leave me to your secretary.
- When are you going to stop thinking of me as a director only?
- Ludmila Prokofievna, can you imagine - Bublikov died!
- Why died? I haven't given him such an order! What do you mean - died?
Why died? What for he died?
- I haven't found out yet.
Donate some money please, for a wreath.
- How much?
- 50 kopeks, Novoseltsev. For the wreath and orchestra.
- Well, if anyone else dies or is born today, I'll be left without lunch.
- Sign here.
- Wait, let me first, I'm still you d-d-director.
- Yes, let's sign by seniority. Thank you.
- Novoseltsev, why haven't you put the horse into the wardrobe? Why are you resting?
- We were not able to hold out till the wardrobe!
- So what are you? You... how? Are you there better?
- I no
- What is it there? A b-b-bump?
No, there's no b-b-bump, no. Everything's OK. Get up! Shall I help you?
Stand up at last! And go to do your - what it is - work.
- The horse and I are sorry once again that we here
- So anyway, how are you feeling,Anatoly Efremovich?
- You know, to be honest, in comparison with Bublikov - not bad.
- Well, go
- Why are you going so often to the management area? Are you bringing my plan to life?
- No, I was with a horse here, doing some public work.
- I see.
- And Ura, listen, have you talked about my appointment?
- Well, you know, I haven't had a chance yet. But I will.
- No, that's good you haven't talked. Don't. Let everything be as it is.
I don't want to fill this vacancy.
- You're strange. Verochka, if Ludmila Prokofievna asks for me, I'm in the Ministry.
- Ok.
- Yes?
- Alena! Listen, brace yourself - otherwise you'll fall down! There's Ryzhova sitting next to you.
Dyed blonde; always carries string-bags.
Turn your

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