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like a house on your head
- Well, if you think lively is better then it is.
So what else do we have if not wigs? We have face!
Eye-brows are becoming increasingly important right now.
I'm sorry, Ludmila Prokofievna, but since we have this talk
let's take your brows for example.
- What about my brows?
- This is not decent!
- Really?
- If you have such thick brows
you have to fight it!
- How to fight it?
- You have to pluck them out. To thin them out.
- With what?
- Try tweezers.
- Tweezers? My dear, but this must be painful!
- You are a woman - you can stand it.
A brow should be as thin as a thread, raised a little as if in surprise.
- Like yours?
- Well, I'm not a model either.
- Vera, it's possible only under anaesthetic... to pluck it.
- But it's not the main thing either.
What d'you think is the difference between a business woman and a Woman?
- What?
- The gait!
- Let's take you, how do you walk?
- How?
- But it's beyond understanding really!
You crock, make a not of yourself, double yourself up
as if you were an old torn boot and go to work
as if piling with your legs. And how do we walk?
- Oh my God, do I really walk like that?
- There should be a mystery in a woman!
Your head should be raised a little,
your eyes lowered a little, everything free here, your shoulders cast back,
the gait free from the hips.
Free relaxed plasticity of a panther before a jump.
Men always notice such a woman.
- Is it possible to learn to walk like that or is it... beyond the reach?
- You know, even a hare can be taught to smoke. Theoretically, everything is possible
- Think so?
- for a person with brains. There, stand up.
Put your dress in order.
- Oh, I'm afraid I won't learn this skill.
- Nonsense, you will. Don't worry. Head up. Bust forward.
- Bust? You're flattering me, Vera.
- Everyone's flattering you. Tuck yourself up from behind.
In the front too, your belly.
- What? So is it here or t-there?
- Do what you are told. Tuck yourself up everywhere.
- Everywhere?
- Well, and now walk towards me, relaxed gait, legs relaxed from the hips, go!
Ludmila Prokofievna, where have you got this vulgarity from?
You're swaying your hips as if you were an indecent woman.
- Nice, right?
- Yes, a good horse.
It's not a horse, it's a real mammoth. Let's finish our journey at last, eh?
- And for whom is it?
- For Barovskyh. For his jubilee - 50 years old.
But don't tell it to him! Don't tell! And where have you bought the goose?
- There are none left there.
- You're a woman, not a soldier.
- I've forgotten about it already.
- More piquant, more! Playful smile!
Let men think that everything's excellent in your life. Breathe! More grace into plasticity!
And don't kick, you're not a horse, you're a woman.
Now, walk by yourself, go! Jolly!...  Where? Ludmila Prokofievna, where are you going to?
- Ludmila Prokofievna! Will you let us hide the horse at the back of the stage into a wardrobe?
- And w-w-why to hide it?
- Why? From Barovskyh
so that he was not happy seeing it beforehand.
- W-well, let's hide. And w-where to hide?
- I am saying - into the wardrobe.
- Ah, i-i-into the wardrobe. And will it g-g-go into it?
- We'll squeeze it in!
- Shura, the Local Committee is sending for you urgently.
- The Local Committee? Novoseltsev, hide the horse in the wardrobe. I'm coming!
- Do you need me, Ludmila Prokofievna?
- No, Vera.
I'll c-c-come shortly, we'll f-f-finish things, s-s-sign things
- Yes, will finish, will sign, will remember everything, come - I'll be waiting.
- Ludmila Prokofievna, what have you just been doing here, eh?
- P-put the horse down.
- It's not heavy and I'm strong. How did you spend yesterday evening?
Are you all right?
- Why should I not be all right?
D-do I look ill? I spent the evening wonderfully.
- My f-f-friend came to visit me driving his own Volga.
- Really? Is he so rich to have such a car?
- Ah, money isn't a problem for him. He's a senior

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