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Служебный роман

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outrageous case.
Absolutely shocking,
in my opinion.
In the women's toilet
room - pardon me...
Somebody put
a "Pantyhose for sale" ad there.
It's perfectly monstrous.
Do you know who was appointed
our hag's deputy?
No. Who?
Can't guess. Who, then?
Which Yurka?
Skip it! As if you
didn't go out together.
Who could've thought that!?
How does he look now?
Fit as a fiddle.
- Yura!
- Olya...
Jesus, you look smart.
Only against me.
Olya, you haven't changed a bit.
You say!
I am so glad to see you.
So am I.
Guys, where can we talk?
I can't invite you to my office.
Kalugina ordered
that it should be repaired.
As always, you know:
a new boss starts...
...with repairing his own office.
How's life, Olya?
A separate flat, not in the city,
but close to the railway station.
And my son, Vitka, is 14 already.
He is a sportsman, winner of
the long-jump competition.
What's that you're smoking?
Hold this. Marlboro.
And my husband is also OK.
Professor Pokrovskiy himself
operated on his ulcer.
The surgery was successful.
And then they sent him free
to a health resort.
He's there now.
So that's it, I live, keep in pace.
"The smoke of Fatherland is sweet..."
And how are you?
I'm OK.
I worked in Geneva
for the last two years.
- A Swiss souvenir.
- Thanks.
And how are things in Geneva?
Listen, talking about Switzerland...
...can I rob you of 20 rubles?
This goes against my principles.
I never borrow from my superiors.
I haven't been consecrated yet.
Then I can do it. So far.
I will pay you back on payday.
It's so good you've been appointed.
You should help Tolya.
What's the matter?
Olya, stop it!
Stop it, please!
It's just a rank injustice.
We have a vacancy.
Tolya is the best candidate.
Olya, I beg you, calm down.
He's clever, he's experienced.
Then, he's got two kids on his back.
How are old the kids?
And who's your wife?
That woman dumped him
and left him with two kids.
It was me who took the kids away
from her. It doesn't matter, really.
It's Novoseltsev. Spitting!?
Give him what for!
I'll be a bit later. Yes.
I will go and buy shoes.
And fetch him then. Thanks.
I like this idea
of appointing Tolya.
Just go and appoint him,
if you're the boss.
I'll go and appoint him
right away.
Guys, stop it, please.
I made errors in the report.
And I could change for the worse
in all these years!
You can't be too bad to become
the head of a department.
- That's true.
- Wait here.
Yura, it's not the right time,
believe me!
You know, he hasn't changed a bit.
No. But if he goes on like that,
he won't stay here for long.
Tolya, please, be honest...
am I still... good-looking?
Olya, how can you...
you're perfectly all right.
Ludmila Prokofievna, I've got an idea.
What if we make Novoseltsev...
...the Head of the Light-Industry Dept.?
That he has made a bad report
means nothing.
It's just that he stayed
too low for too long.
I've known him for long,
he's very bright.
Speaking of old friends, I would rather
appreciate your rating people...
...by their business qualities.
Pardon me.
Failed so far. But you can't
do that at one blow.
Guys, have some patience,
and it'll be OK.
I've always believed in you, Yura.
No, it's hopeless...
Don't be afraid, in the office,
I'll stay strictly business-like.
You have always been so tactful,
Olga Petrovna.
Well, you have a chat...
I'll go shopping before
they close for lunch.
We have a very bad lunch break.
Same time as in grocery stores.
What time makes to us...
Do you remember
how she looked once?
We are not getting
any younger either, are we?
With women,
it's more obvious.
I would really like to see
my friend in this position.
Understandable. A new broom...
...places its new men
everywhere, right?
- You are my man, I hope.
- Sure.
Although up to now
I've been nobody's.
Let's go down,
I will show you something.
Vera, please call my
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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