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haven't you left for home with the rest?
Why such a zeal?
- But you said yourself about my bad report
- Did I? And that's why you've come to my office? Strange idea.
- I thought you'd help me to improve
- Again you're lying, Anatoly Efremovich. You stayed because you felt sorry for me.
This morning I let myself cry in your presence and might have told you some unnecessary things.
And you, you believed it. But everything's excellent and marvellous in my life.
It can't be better. The matter's not in a personal life only.
What's personal life? Nothing. There are many other interests in life too.
I run a big company. I love my job. Many people respect me.
Some are even afraid of me.
By the way, I've just returned from the Minister and he praised me.
So I really need neither your sympathy nor your protection.
- I thought you were real this morning but I was wrong.
You are real now.
- Well, go home. Go quick; your children're waiting for you.
Go home, do you hear me?
- Well, nobody cares, only I'm puzzling what to give Barovskyh as a present to please him.
I've seen a bronze horse in a commission shop.
Ludmila Prokofievna, I do ask you, will you please let Novoseltsev go with me tomorrow, I can't fetch the horse here myself.
- Good morning, Verochka. Can I come in?
- Yes, of course.
- Verochka, could you please give this letter to Ury Grigorievich?
Into his hands.
- Verochka, it's urgent, please.
- Don't forget please.
- OK, it's my job.
- And don't register the letter.
- Ok, I won't... register it.
- Ura, good morning.
- Hi, dear.
- Good morning, Verochka.
- Good morning.
- Is she in?
- As usual. There's a letter for you.
- Vera, will you come into my office for a minute?
- Yes, Ludmila Prokofievna.
- I'd like to talk to you, Vera.
- About what?
- Take a seat, please, sit down.
- I'm all attention.
- I need to consult with you about something.
- Do you need to get information about another employee?
- Not really how to say it
...in one word, what's fashionable now?
- What do you mean?
- I mean clothes.
- And... why are you asking? Oh, excuse me, Ludmila Prokofievna.
- It's Ok, of course. A relative from a small town came to visit me and she's interested.
- I understand completely, I understand.
- Well, let's start with shoes. It's shoes that make a woman be a woman.
- Really?
- Now people wear high-heeled "shoesy" with membrane
- What's "shoesy", Verochka? Sorry I didn't understand.
- It's from English word "shoes" which means footwear in English.
- I see.
- As to boots, you need to have high-heeled accordion-like boots
- Wait, Verochka, I need to w-write all this down, not that quick..
- Yes, of course.
- I'll summarize it all. What should be accordion-like? The heel?
- The bootleg.
- Ah, yes.
- Does your relative have good legs? Are they well-shaped?
- Well actually legs like legs. Average legs, let's put it like that.
- I see. So bad legs, Ludmila Prokofievna, should be hidden.
- Where?
- Under maxi skirt.
- What's this?
- Inventory.
- What's going on, comrades?
- 392 lamp. Good lamp - 113 chair - Meeting's table 4308
- What's this, comrades, I'm asking you?
- You ordered it yourself, comrade director.
- You are people of mental work. So we are.
- Let's go to meeting room.
- How tactless!
- Locust!
- Bandits
- 6859 Vase Moser Airplane toy 1314 2319 chair What is it?...
A rude word scribbled on the chair Rub it off.
- It's also important to achieve such a thing as combination. Well, I mean when things go well together.
Some sweater By the way, there're new body-shirts on sale in the SDS right now. Some blazer on top
- Blazer? What's blazer?
- Blazer is a club jacket.
- For a night club, you mean?
- You can wear it there as well.
- Hold on a moment
- So blazer, body shirt But it's not the main thing either.
You see, now nobody wears wigs, right?
- I think it's for the better. It's better so natural, lively 
and wigs are

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