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- Nor I, abs-absolutely
- Why are you so dodgy all the time?
- I am not.
- Why are you so dodgy? What a person are you? I can't get the hang of you.
- I do not want to be hung. What for? Don't.
- You insisted that I am hard!
- No, soft.
- Inhuman!
- Human.
- Heartless!
- Hearty.
- Dry!
- Wet
- Sorry, Ludmila Prokofievna.
- Will you stop bullying me at last?
- Please, by God, I just, I did not want,
I don't understand why I said this word - wet.
I wanted to say - kind, Ludmila Prokofievna. I admire
- I don't understand why, why you hate me so much.
- Who said you this?...
- What have I done to you? I have not intrigued against you
- Haven't
- I have not fired you
- Not yet
- You get you bonuses regularly
- I do. Ludmila Prokofievna
- If I criticized your report, I do have the right to do it,
I am still your director
- We love you so much, we worship you,
we love you at heart, in our heart of hearts, somewhere very deep in heart
- So deep that I can't even notice it.
- No, you can, you should notice it.
- Democratic you are, democratic
- Why are you lying? Why are you lying? Stop it now!
- I'm not lying, I'm not, you can't even imagine.
When you send for us, we come to your office with great joy
- Outrageous
- What are you doing? Are you crying?
- You come to my office and say foul things to me
- Stop crying! You are a director; you are not supposed to cry.
- This is not your business to decide what I'm supposed to do and what not!
There are higher organs for it.
- No, but calm down, drink  W-water C-carafe...
- Can I come in, Ludmila Prokofievna?
- Ura, wait, go out, wait outside
- What's the matter?
- Go out, we have a meeting.
- What's going on there?
- She's firing him for hooliganism.
- Ludmila Prokofievna, I need to talk to you.
- Wait, let us have our meeting.
- Stop it now, immediately.
I'm still a director here, I am still the owner, master, whatever it is
- I'm afraid he let himself go again. Brawler.
- Stop crying, damn it! Am I a nurse for you?
- I'm not rubbish either!
- Well, may be it's better if you cry, it's useful.
If you're still able to cry, may be not everything's lost yet
Don't worry, don't bother, I'll say Hello! Hello!
Hello! No, she's busy. Which Minister?
No, now she doesn't need any Minister.
- Minister? Give me the phone!
What have you done, what have you done? Why do you talk to authorities like that?
Even I never talk like that.
- Drink some water, calm down
- You are absolutely crazy.
- Hiccup a little.
- Does everyone think me to be such a monster?
- Don't exaggerate. Not everyone, not such a monster
- No, it's impossible, by God, impossible!
Go away, I want neither to see you nor hear you
- Is Novoseltsev still there?
- Can you imagine - they locked the door.
- May be we should break the door and rescue him?
- Are you crazy?
- To be honest, I didn't want to offend you at all.
It's just that you cried as if you were normal, and this amazed me.
- I'm tired of you
- Ludmila Prokofievna, word of honour, you know, I, it's my t-tongue-tie, from birth I have it.
On the whole I think normally but express... express
- OK, what did the Minister say?
- Who knows?
I think he didn't understand me; I'm not used to talking to Ministers.
- What if he's sending for me? How will I go?
My eyes'll stay red for the whole day now. And the nose
- It's if you rub them. But if you wait till they dry... dry themselves, nobody'll notice.
- I have not cried for such a long time.
Sometimes I feel like crying, you know, but I can't cry being alone.
It's the same as an alcoholic who cries, I mean drinks, being alone.
Next time when you feel like crying, send for me
and we'll cry together.
- Will you pour some water for me please? Thank you.
You must be happy, Anatoly Efremovich. You have... you have children
- Yes, a boy and another boy.
- You see, and I'm absolutely alone. I wake up in the morning and go to make

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