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Prokofievna! Calm down, Tolya!
- Let me go.
- Ury Grigorievich, thank you for the nice evening.
It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you. Good bye.
Good bye, comrades.
Comrade Ryzhova, good bye.
- Good bye, Ludmila Prokofievna.
- Good bye, comrade Novoseltsev, Anatoly Efremovich.
- Good bye. Shall I see you home?
- I don't think you should take the trouble.
- I'll see you off. Sorry, Ludmila Prokofievna, don't pay attention.
He's not a bad guy.
- Oh, it's OK. Everything was very nice.
I enjoyed myself.
- It's my entire fault, I should have watched him.
- Well, it happens.
- Don't you take any offence. I can't even have thought of it.
And don't pay attention. He was talking such nonsense.
- No, why? It's always interesting to know what your employees think of you.
Thank you. Drive home.
- See you tomorrow!
Personal file of Novoseltsev
- Hi, rowdy.
- Hi
- Can you tell me what got into you yesterday?
- Listen, don't torture me, I haven't slept the whole night as it is
- OK, don't worry. Go to her and apologise.
- What are you talking about? I don't even know how to show my face to her again.
- You have made your bed, now you must lie on it.
- Listen, what's the girl's name?
- I don't remember
OK, I'll go. May be I'm lucky and she won't receive me.
- Good morning, Olenka! I'm so glad you came to my party yesterday.
- My pleasure. And 'm waiting for you here. I want to thank you for yesterday evening.
- Yes, the party was a success, true.
- And what are you planning to do today?
- To take a rest from yesterday.
- Good morning, Verochka!
- Good morning, Ury Grigorievich.
- Is she in?
- As usual.
- Souvenir from Switzerland.
- I do not take bribes.
- So what are you going to do this evening?... Which party?... Are there going to be men there?
Well, you have to get me meet someone, I am a single woman now
- Vera, come into my office and bring the mail.
- Here it is. Wait a bit.
- Vera, you know everything about everyone.
- This is my job.
- What do you know about Novoseltsev?
- Clumsy. Single with two children.
- Have you been waiting for long?... I'll come later.
- Do you remember Lisa Leontieva from Construction Department? A woman with fair hair, pretty, with plait?
She isn't working here any more.
- No; to be honest I don't remember her.
- Naturally So she was his wife, they had two children together and then 
she went on the spree.
- But how Leontieva could have left her children behind? She's their mother!
- Mother! Novoseltsev is their mother.
Quiet, tender, harmless person, you can never hear a rude word from him
- Yes, harmless
- That's it, Novoseltsev. Things are in a bad way. The old woman's interested in you,
is scrutinizing your personal file.
- I'm going to be fired.
- Why?
- For hooliganism
Verochka, could you find out, may be she won't receive me now?
- Novoseltsev is waiting outside.
- I have not sent for him.
- OK, I'll tell him you are busy.
- No, this is not polite actually.
Tell him to come in.
- You have to go.
- Do I? And how is she?
Yes? Well, if I have to
- Good luck!
- Dash it
- Good morning, Prokof-Prokofya Ludmilovna
I came, came I do not know why
There. Something got into me yesterday.
- Yes, I noticed.
- Or I broke loose
- That is more probable
- So I  Loose
- Yes. Sit down, comrade Novoseltsev. Anatoly Efremovich.
- No, don't. It's better to die standing
- Sit down, don't be afraid.
- Thank you.
- Make yourself comfortable please.
- Thank you.
- Yesterday you Sit down!... you had the nerve to say that there's nothing human in me.
- No, you don't need to pay any attention to my words, yesterday I
- Yes, I do need to pay attention, why not? Especially as you represent the opinion
of some employees of our Institution.
- Really?
- Yesterday you slandered me publicly
- Yes
- Insulted
- Slandered
- Everything you said is an outrageous lie
- Outrageous
- I don't agree with you absolutely

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