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this Barovskyh, from Local Industry Department, what is he as a person?
- First-class guy.
You know, Ur, I'm dancing with you now and it seems to me that these 18 years have never passed.
- Well, I'm going.
- More intelligence, Tolya.
- It is me again.
- We have already said good-bye to each other, comrade Novoseltsev.
- It's true. Then let's say hello again.
Good evening, Ludmila Prokofievna.
- Good evening.
- Yes, good Can I take a seat?
- Of course.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.
Are you bored, Ludmila Prokofievna?
- No. I am used to being alone
so I never get bored.
- Should I leave then?
- You can stay, you don't bother me.
- Thanks. A cigarette? Matches? Box?
- No, thanks.
- And I will have a smoke if you don't mind.
Cognac? Whisky? Gin? Tonic? Vodka?
- I've made it clear already that I don't drink.
- Oh, yes, something wrong with my memory
What do they write there?
- Everything is all right so far.
- Why are we sitting like deaf-and-dumb as if there's nothing we can talk about?
Let's talk about something. We've talked about my report;
you aren't interested in mushrooms as far as I understand, right?
- You understand correctly.
- And berries? Are you interested in b-berries?
- Only in the form of jam.
- What about verses, in the form of poetry? How do you feel about them?
- Respectfully.
- Really? That's great! Let's talk about verses.
You know, when I was young I wrote verses. And you?
- No, I didn't have any talent to do it.
- Neither did I.
I'll recite something now and you'll see it yourself.
- May be it's better not to risk?
- Why not risk?
I do wish to make a good impression on you.
- You have succeeded in it already.
- Then I would like to strengthen it.
Something from early things
It is difficult to love others
But you are beautiful without fault;
And the secret of your beauty
Is equal to the secret of life. In spring
- When you were young you were much more talented than now.
Only I haven't had any idea that it was you who wrote under the famous pen-name Pasternak.
- Oh, I see. I'd never think you know anything about poetry.
- The verses are good but you recited them badly.
- It is better for you to know. - I'll say so.
- But my friends say that I recite well.
- They are flattering you. You recite terribly.
- And do you like music, Ludmila Prokofievna? In any form?
- I hope you are not going to play music?
- Yep! I'd like to sing.
- What a disaster.
- Why? My friends say that I have beautiful baritonal... descant.
- Wait I have an idea. Are you drunk?
- No, come on.
When I'm drunk I become violent; but now I'm quiet.
- I am lucky.
- So what would you like me to sing?
- May be it's better not to?
- Then you're sure beforehand that I can't sing either, right?
- I'm very tired of you, comrade Novoseltsev.
- And I'll sing you now and you'll become fit as a fiddle again.
It is quiet around, only a badger does not sleep.
It hung its ears on a branch
And is dancing quietly around them.
- Are you crazy?
- So you don't like me singing either?
- Alas, no.
- You don't like anything.
It's very difficult to please you. But I'll try anyway, you know;
I'll dance for you. It's most likely that a modern dance will not be interesting for you
so I'll try something classical, Russian folk dance, "Gypsy", OK?
And you'll join me in singing, Ludmila Prokofievna.
No, you are not going to join me in singing, so I'll sing myself.
- That's outrageous! Let me pass! Take this hooligan from here!
Ury Grigorievich, take him from here!
- You don't like how I recite verses, how I dance and how I sing because you are dry!
This's what you are! You are hard-hearted.
Wait, Ura, nobody asks you to interfere There's nothing human in you!
- Let him have his say.
- You don't have a heart because there are only figures in your head!
Let me go, I haven't said everything yet! You may fire me now
but I'm very glad I've said it in your face.
- Sorry, Ludmila


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