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vegetable garden.
Just don't look at her, look aside.
- Please, I'm afraid of her.
- Go, Tolya, don't miss the opportunity.
- But I'm afraid of her.
- Go, go.
So how are you, Olia?
- You live magnificently, Urka.
- Try that salad.
- I have already.
I make this salad better than your wife does. It's tastier when you add a grated apple into it.
- Your character has not changed
- Do you really remember what character I have?
- I remember everything.
- Me too.
- Tolya, what are you doing there?
Go, do you hear me? Go, go!
- Ok Oh God, what have I done to deserve this?
- Can I come in, Ludmila Prokofievna?
- Come in, comrade Novoseltsev.
- Thank you very much.
- Sit down, please.
Not here.
- Do you need anything?
- No! Yes
- I am all attention.
- Have a cocktail, please.
- I do not drink, comrade Novoseltsev.
- That's good. I don't drink either.
- Then why have you brought this?
- To drink it.
But it is my mistake.
- And not the only one.
- Ludmila Prokofievna, I want to tell you that you've turned out to be remarkably astute.
- What is it?
- You just look into future.
I am working on my report now and it's becoming better and better
before my very eyes.
- I am glad for you, comrade Novoseltsev.
- Better and better...
- Ludmila Prokofievna, do you like picking up mushrooms?
- What?
- M-mushrooms to pick up b-b-b-boletuses brown-cap, b-b-b-boletuses orange-cap, b-b-b-boletuses prickly cup 
- No, I am indifferent to it.
- This I'm sincerely sorry for you.
It is wonderful to pick up mushrooms, you know.
Take prickly cups, for example. They grow on stumps.
If you come to a forest and you are lucky to find a good stump you can pick up loads of stumps prickly cups
Ceps or brown-cap boletuses, they are u-u-under asps, u-u-under birches, under f-f-fur trees
In droughty summer they like where damp... where to drink in lowland
you go to lowland and creep in in
- You are a great specialist in mushrooms, comrade Novoseltsev.
- In mushrooms - yes. My name is Anatoly Efremovich.
- I will remember it. Is it all?
- No! Yes
- You can leave, comrade Novoseltsev.
- Thank you
- So? Why didn't you treat her to a cocktail?
- She doesn't drink
- What did you do? What did you talk about?
- About what? About mushrooms.
- Why about mushrooms?
- But what to talk to her about?
About snakes? I tried to woo her but I can't. I don't know how to do it.
The last time I wooed someone it was my wife 12 years ago and it seems I don't remember anymore how to do it.
- Did Ludmila Prokofievna understand you tried to woo her?
- I don't think she did.
- Ura, did you see strip-tease in Switzerland?
- Not even once!
- Sincerely?
- Why do I need it?
- I would have seen for sure.
- Comrades, the cheese is Swiss, the olives are Greek, help yourselves.
Do you want to stay a chief statistician for your whole life?
- No, I don't.
But can we think up something else instead of wooing?
When I see her I become week in the knees.
- Don't stand then - sit down.
- No, seriously. I don't know what to talk to her about.
- About something intellectual, she is a smart woman.
- Intellectual? It's possible
Though she's unlikely to understand
Ok, I'll go and eat something first and then will start casting pearls
- Ury Grigorievich, why don't you ask me for a dance?
- I am asking you, Olga Petrovna.
- After I have thrust myself on you?
- Ura, do you remember how we missed a lesson in Law&Finance and went to cafe Ice-cream?
You ordered so many things and then you didn't have enough money to pay.
- Of course I do. Listen, I have a question for you. This Bublikov, is he from Catering Department?
- Yes, he's its head.
- What is he as a person?
- Climber.
- Ur, and will your wife be jealous?
- Because of whom? - Because of me.
- Of course she will.
- And do you remember how we went to Kuntsevo to kiss there?
And now there's the city in the place of that forest.
- Of course I do.


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