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I have not become younger either, right?
Though in women it is more noticeable.
- Listen, I'd really like this position to be occupied by my friend whom I could trust if anything happens.
- I see. Every new person puts their own people everywhere?
- I hope you are my man?
- Of course.
Though until now I was nobody's.
- Let's go downstairs, I'll show you something.
- Vera, order a car for me.
- Ground floor, please.
- Wait a minute! Are you our new Deputy?
- Yes.
- Excellent. Masha Selezneva has had a child.
Donate 50 kopeks please and sign here.
- How lovely!
- How nice when people react in this way!
Oh, here is change, please.
- No, it's ok. I can do anything for Masha Selezneva.
- And did you pay?
- I did.
- Did you?
- I did.
- Have you bought new shoes, Vera?
- Well, I have not decided yet whether to buy or not. Do you like it?
- Very provoking. I would not buy anything of the kind.
And in your place, I would be interested in shoes not during working hours but after them.
- It means the shoes are good, I'll take them.
- You see, Tolya, Kalugina has a low opinion about you. She considers you to be mediocrity.
- She must be right.
- I understand. Unprotected people always use irony as a mask. But you have to find an approach to Kalugina.
What is her week point?
- She does not have week points.
- She is an elderly plain single woman
- She is not a woman, she is a director.
What's it? Is it really your car??
- Get in, boy.
- Wow! Volga, right?
- Something of the kind Get in.
- It is like a small apartment.
And what is it?
- Ah, Philips. Stereo car audio.
- Wow Built-in, right?
- Two speakers, on the left and on the right.
- Ury Grigorievich, I am going to the ministry, I won't be back soon.
Comrade Novoseltsev, get down to your report at last.
- Ludmila Prokofievna, remember - I am waiting for you in the evening.
- Yes, I will come.
- Oh, Ura, if only you knew how much I am afraid of her. As if she was a shark.
- Listen. I'm having a party today to celebrate my appointment. Come to my place too
and using the informal atmosphere try to get on well with her.
Woo her a bit,
because if I suggest promoting you again she'll simply growl at me.
- How can I woo her if she growls?
- Listen, this is an excellent idea. Treat her as a Woman.
- No, I can't do this.
I can't treat her as a woman, I am a man and I can't.
- But I don't suggest that you woo her with serious intentions.
Just a little bit, flirt.
- No, I can't. No position in the world can make me woo her.
Let's make it clear - I won't woo anybody; and you, will you invite Olia too? Eh?
You invited me and not her, she'll be hurt.
- Why Olia?
- What do you mean - why?
- Well, of course. Come by 8pm.
- Help yourselves, comrades. Here are tomatoes
- Try this, it's very tasty.
- You have a very nice cosy place. And I like your wife a lot.
- Here our tastes coincide.
- I hope they will coincide in work too.
- And what is it, this thing?
- It is Mobil.
- Mobil?
- It's very popular in Europe. Enlivens the interior.
- Well
- This is an illusion of movement. An American called Coldman was the first to have an idea of Mobil.
You know, our 20th century, such a rush, bustle. And when you come home, this calms down your nerves.
- Interesting. Go back to your guests, Ury Grigorievich; they'll be bored without you.
- Why, Ludmila Prokofievna, I can't leave you alone.
- It's Ok; I'll sit here and look through a magazine.
I get tired from noise quickly. And anyway I like being alone. Don't worry about me. I'll sit here.
- Here are the magazines. Have a rest.
- Thanks.
- Tolya, come here for a minute.
- I'm coming.
- Listen, it's a very good situation. Ludmila Prokofievna is alone there, resting.
- Let her have a rest. I won't disturb her.
- Don't be a fool, Tolya!
Go and treat her to a cocktail.
- No, I can't, please I can't.
- Take it. Listen, I understand, she is a "scarecrow"; one can put her in one's

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