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- Samohvalov?
And how does he look like now?
- Just excellent.
- Ura!
- Olia!
- Gosh, you are so beautiful!
- Well, true only if you compare him to me
- Olia, you have not changed at all.
- You are flattering me.
- I am so glad to see you!
- Me too.
- Sorry, I can't invite you to my office. Kalugina ordered to make refurbishments there for her new Deputy.
As always, you know - new manager starts with the refurbishment of their own office.
How are you, Olia?
- I am well.
I have my own flat. Although it is in the suburbs, it is not far from the train station.
- Guys, let's go have a smoke over there.
- And my son Vitka is 14 years old already.
Yes. He is a sportsman. He has first junior grade in broad jumps.
- What are you smoking? Marlboro.
- My husband is OK too. He had ulcer and his surgeon was Pokrovsky himself.
The surgery went well and after that he was given a free stay in Essentuki resort. He is there now, recovering.
- So I live like others, not worse. I go to cinema Careful! 
- I am not used to imported cigarettes.
- And I have parties at home from time to time. And you?
- I am OK. I've been working in Geneva for the last two years.
This is Swiss souvenir.
- Thank you.
- So how is it over there in Geneva?
- It's complicated.
- Listen, since you have been to Switzerland, can I borrow 20 roubles from you?
- Of course! What are you talking about!
- I am really sorry; it is not my principle to borrow from higher people
- But I have not started work yet.
- Well, then it's OK.  I'll pay you back when I get my salary.
- Listen, Ura, that's great that you've been appointed Deputy. Can you help Tolya?
- What is it?
- Olia, stop it, stop it now.
- It's really unfair. We have a head vacancy in the Department of Light Industry.
Tolya is the best candidate.
- Olia, stop it, please.
- He is smart, he knows the job well and he has two children to care about.
- How old are your children? And what about your wife?
-He doesn't have a wife. She left him and the children as well.
- No, I took away the children from her myself; I didn't give them to her. But it doesn't matter
Hello, good morning, it's Novoseltsev He is spitting?! Well, you can punish him.
I'll be a little late, I'll go to buy shoes and after that I'll take him home. Thank you.
- Well, I do like this idea of Tolya's appointment.
- Will you go and ask her now.
- Why, I will!
- Guys, stop it! Besides, there is something wrong with my report.
And anyway I could have changed to the worse during all these years.
- But you can't be that bad not to be able to run a department.
- It's true.
Ura, the time is not suitable now. Tell him about it!
- Calm down, Tolya. You know, he has not changed at all.
- No. But if he's going to keep behaving like that - he'll not stay here for long.
- Tolya, will you tell me the truth, am I still attractive?
- Olia, come on. You look just great.
- Ludmila Prokofievna, I have an idea.
What do you think about appointing Novoseltsev a head of Light Industry Department? Eh?
The thing that his report is not correct does not mean anything yet.
It is just that he's been doing petty work for a long time.
I have known him for ages, he is very able.
- I understand your wish to promote your old friend
but I would like you to judge people only by their professional qualities. Sorry.
- Good bye.
- Nothing's worked out yet. But such things don't happen in an instant.
Guys, be patient and everything will be all right.
- I've always had faith in you, Ura.
- It is all hopeless.
- Don't worry, Deputy, I will not be too familiar with you when there are people around.
- You've always been tactful, Olga Petrovna.
- Well, you may talk now but I'll go to do some shopping or the shop will close for a lunch break soon.
- We have a very unfortunate lunch break - from 1pm to 2 pm, just like in groceries.
- What does time do to us? Do you remember how she looked like?
- Yes But I think you and

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