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I don't have to account for what I am doing anymore. If you still remember, we split up yesterday.
- Yes, I remember. You were very rude.
- Excuse me, please. Is Ludmila Prokofievna in?
- Yes, wait
- By the way, this morning you fried eggs in my frying pan and didn't wash it afterwards.
- What rubbish are you smoking? By the way, my name is Ury Grigorievich.
- I'll call you back I am sorry, I thought you were a visitor.
- So is she in the office?
- Yes, come in, please.
- Good morning, Ludmila Prokofievna. Here am I!
- Guess what I am smoking now? Marlboro.
- New Deputy generously gave a whole box.
- Surely he wants to become friends with the secretary. He is in the old woman's office now.
- I don't care any more who wants to become friends with you.
- Sorry, I called you automatically. It won't happen again.
- Let me give you a souvenir from Switzerland. There are eight colours in this pen.
It is very suitable for resolutions: black colour - to refuse;
red - to pay; green is the colour of hope; blue - to consider. Here it is.
- Thank you. Very witty. Take a seat, please.
- Vera, ask Novoseltsev to come to my office, please.
- Which Novoseltsev?
- Nobody. Sluggish and inert employee, we have lots of such. So Ury Grigorievich
- Anatoly Efremovich, could you please come to Kalugina's office?
- Aha, I am coming. She's sending for me herself!
- Listen, don't lose this opportunity, and take the bull by the horns.
You should come out of her office being a department head already.
- What are you talking about? I am a zero for her, nobody. Like everyone, though.
- So you will have to familiarize yourself with the Department of Chemical Industry.
- Yes, in Switzerland the statistics for the chemical industry
- This is a model one we have. Then you will have to solve the problem with computers in our Construction Department.
- Yes, in Switzerland computers
- It is good that in Switzerland there are computers.
Then we have a bad situation with our Department of Light Industry.
Unfortunately we do not have its head yet because Petrunin left us for Ministry.
- Novoseltsev is waiting.
- I can not find a suitable candidate for it yet Let him in
- Come in. Come in, don't be scared.
- Good morning. Have you sent for me?
- Sit down, comrade Novoseltsev.
- Tolya Tolya! Tolka!
- Why are you here?
- How did you get here?
- Well, I am working here.
- Oh, glasses, moustache, bold!
- Not completely bold yet!
- He is my old friend!
- Yes, I understand
- Comrade Novoseltsev, is it your report?
- Yes.
- A thing should be dealt with seriously or otherwise you should not deal with it at all.
Statistics is a science; there is no place for approximateness in it.
How can you use unverified data? What's the matter?
- Why? I verified it
- And have you noticed that we regularly have shortage of different products in shops?
- Of course I have, I do shopping
- By the way, comrades, in Switzerland shops Sorry.
- It happens because these products are not planned beforehand by such day-dreamers like you are.
Please re-write it.
- So, Ury Grigorievich, let's go back to our business.
- Of course.
- So I am asking you, as my Deputy, to pay special attention to discipline.
Unfortunately, discipline here leaves much to be desired
Do you need anything else?
- Yes
- What?
- I I Question
- Which?
- No, no questions
- No? Then you can leave The employees are late for work
- Excuse me. Tolka, wait for me outside, I'll be quick.
- They do shopping during working hours.
- And recently we have had a scandalous incident. Outrageous, from my point of view.
In women's, excuse me, toilet
- What?
- They put an advertisement: "Thighs for sale. Interested? Call this number."
- It's disgraceful.
- Do you know who was appointed the Deputy of our "old stick"?
- No. Who?
- Try to guess
- I don't know. Who?
- Urka!
- Which Urka?
- Come on! As if there never has been anything between you

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