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Служебный роман

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grow on trees.
No, they don't...
It's not even
about the money.
I am just bored
sitting at my desk.
I feel an overaged retard.
I can do more.
Then go to her office
and tell her that.
No, I won't talk to her.
I hate begging.
I am a proud man.
Each morning starts
the same way in our bureau.
It's become a habit.
A tradition.
I'd say, a ritual.
Peter Ivanovich Bublikov.
Head of Public Catering Dept.
Maybe that's why
he is so... well-padded.
And this is
Yuri Grigorievich Samokhvalov.
He is a very good man.
I have known him for ages,
since university.
All this trouble started
when he came.
It started one usual morning...
...when our statistic beauties...
...were through with the war paint...
...and dived into the delightful,
magical, poetic world...
...of the accounts, balance sheets,
and profit-and-loss reports.
You were the last to leave.
Have you checked the lock?
[Why are you asking?]
[We split up yesterday.]
I do remember.
You were very rude.
I am sorry.
Is Ludmila Prokofievna in?
Yes, wait a minute.
By the way,
you fried eggs on my pan...
...and didn't even wash it!
What is that rubbish
that you are smoking?
By the way, my name
is Yuri Grigorievich.
I'll call you back!
I am sorry,
I thought you are a visitor.
So, is Ludmila Prokofievna in?
Yes, please.
Good morning,
Ludmila Prokofievna!
I am present for duty.
Guess what I'm smoking
right now!
Rich man's generosity.
The new Deputy
cast off a whole block of cigs.
Making friends
with a secretary.
Right now he is at the crone's.
[And I don't care now, who
makes friends with you.]
Sorry. I called you
Never will call again.
Allow me to bring you
a present from Switzerland.
This is an 8-colour pen.
Very convenient
for signing documents.
Black is for "Refuse"...
...red is for "Pay",
green is the colour of hope...
...blue is for "Consider further".
Thank you.
Very funny.
Please, have a seat.
Vera, call Novoseltsev, please.
Which Novoseltsev?
A Novoseltsev.
A weak, inactive worker.
We have many of them.
So, Yuri Grigorievich...
Anatoly Efremovich!
Kalugina wants to see you.
She is calling me herself.
Do not lose your chance.
You have to leave her office
the Head of Department.
You say! For her, I am zero.
Just like anybody else.
So, review the work
of the Chemical Industry Dept.
Fine.  in Switzerland,
I worked with chemical statistics...
...then supervise the installation
of computers.
Yes. In Switzerland, computers...
I am very glad they have
computers there.
What I am not glad about, though,
is our Light Industry Dept.
It is still without a head...
[Novoseltsev is waiting.]
...and I can't find a fitting candidate.
Let him in!
Come in!
Come in, don't be afraid.
- You called me,
did you?
Take a seat,
comrade Novoseltsev.
Tolya! Tolka, damn you!
Yurka! What brings you here?
- Where are you from?
- I work here.
What's the matter, comrades?
Glasses, moustache, you're bald!..
Well, not bald completely...
Comrade Novoseltsev.
This is my old friend.
I see.
Comrade Novoseltsev.
Well, wait a sec.
Comrade Novoseltsev,
is this your report?
When you do something...
...do it carefully
or don't do it at all.
Statistics is a science.
It does not bear approximations.
How can you use unverified data?
Why? I verified them.
Have you ever noticed regular
interruptions in the supply of goods?
Sure, I go shopping.
In Switzerland, shops...
This happens because deliveries...
...are scheduled
by such gapers as you.
Kindly rework it.
Getting back to our business.
I ask you as my deputy to pay
a special attention to discipline.
Unfortunately, our discipline
is rather poor.
Novoseltsev, anything else?
- A question...
- Which question?
No, no questions.
No questions?
You may go.
Tolya, please wait for me there.
I'll be quick.
During work hours,
they would run shopping.
And recently we had
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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