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get rid of you.
Here, I've written it.
I hope you didn't
suffer much financially?
Won't the circus tickets be lost?
I will sell them
at the black-market price.
I have no doubt
about your practicality.
Let's read this curious document.
What's that?
What a pity!
The form is wrong.
It does not state              Where?
the reason.                       It does!
Any check will show I let go
key workers with no reason.
You don't care for the lack of paper?
No, I don't. Our paper industry
works fine.
Faster, please.
I've a got a lot to do.
Your lot will have to wait.
- Faster, please!
- I fear I can't.
- Were you a bad student?
- Why, I was good.
- I knew you were a flunkey.
- Don't worry my dark past. Here.
Let's have a closer look.
Do me a favour.
So, you're leaving...
I leave, you stay.
And what is the reason
for your leaving?
It's explained in the letter.
You are leaving
because the director...
...of your organization
is a tyrant, are you?
A ty-rantress!
What a considerate, sensitive...
...hearful person you are!
Stop torturing me, after all!
You don't say! What a princess!
Yes, a princess!
What an original, amusing...
...way of flirting you have!
No doubt, you're a typical
modern man.
Who gave you the right
to offend me in such a way?
Look who's talking.
You think if you are
a directress...
Crush people! Destroy them!?
As for you, yes!
- Beat them?
- Too little for you.
Insult them!
You're a hag!
A real hag, now...
A hag? Take it, then!
Comrade Minister!
What are you doing,
Ludmila Prokofievna!?
It hurts!
Not with this!
I beg you, be careful.
Have mercy! You will kill me!
It's no you use
trying to kill you...
Take this!
Call for Comrades' Court!
I have to defend myself.
Look out, Ludmila Prokofievna!
You're trampling
your own coat!
Don't fell down.
And please let me be.
You'll hurt a key employee.
The country will lack specialists!
Don't hit my head,
it's my weak spot!
It's your
empty spot!
One, glasses.
You bruised me, it's two.
My patience has run out.
What's that?
Calm down.
It's a shower.
I will wipe it up. And dry it up.
I will wash it!
Not with a chair!
What are you doing?
Put the chair back! Vera,
save the father of two kids -
Don't hit a man when he's down.
It's another weak spot!
Vera, help!
Vera, he called me a hag!
Oh, don't tickle me!
Put Vera back,
and never touch her again!
You Powers that smile on virtuous love,
O sweetly smile on Somebody!
From any danger keep him free,
And send me safe my Somebody!
There's no one with me.
Where can I find Somebody?
I could range the world around
For the sake of Somebody.
I could range the world around...
I'll kill you! I'll maim you!
I hate you! Let me go!
Let me go! I hate you!
Where to?
Straight ahead!
Nine months after, the Novoseltsevs
had three boys already.Alisa Freyndlikh
Andrei Myagkov
Svetlana Nemolyaeva
Oleg Basilashvili
Liya Akhedzhakova
Ludmila Ivanova
Directed by Eldar Ryazanov
As everyone knows  labour ennobles a human being.
This is why people enjoy going to work.
I, personally, go to work only because it ennobles me.
If there was no statistics, we would not even suspect
how well we work.
Ludmila Prokofievna Kalugina, the director of our Statistics Institution.
She knows well the business she is running  it happens sometimes.
Ludmila Prokofievna is the first to come to work and the last to leave it in the evening.
It is obvious that she is, alas, single.
We call her  our "old stick, behind her back, of course.
Every morning before going to work I get rid of my idlers.
- Here is 40 kopeks, buy 2 packets of milk. And dont forget!
- OK!
- And remember to have your breakfast!
Now, lets talk about you. When are you going to stop behaving like a hooligan?
Why everybody is complaining about you?
- I behave well!
- How do you explain that nobody complains about other


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