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Служебный роман

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comrade Novoseltsev.
I have locked the door.
Please sit down.
And you. Please.
Sit down... comrade director.
I've bought two tickets.
Not to the theatre,
to the circus.
Do you like circus?
It's not acceptable
to sit on the table in my office.
I'm sorry. Got it.
I thought this rule
didn't hold true for me any longer.
My congratulations,
comrade Novoseltsev.
I've been choosing
the right man for a long time.
And couldn't find... anyone better.
You're determined, energetic,
Very inventive.
I have signed the order...
...about appointing you
the Head of Department.
What's that for?
What have I done to you?
Do you reject the appointment?
I just wouldn't like to be
appointed in such a tone.
You don't deserve any other tone.
Why? What happened
while I ran for these tickets?
It happened much, much earlier.
And I do justice
to your inventiveness.
What inventiveness?
I didn't invent anything.
Don't be too modest.
Isn't a brilliant idea, to court me...
...in order to gain the position?
I knew it would end in tears.
Sure, I had no right to court you...
...for the purposes of my career.
But I didn't know then...
...that I would
fall in love with you.
You can't even imagine,
how far I was then from this.
You're a horrible man, Novoseltsev.
There's is no name
for what you've done.
You can't understand how
ugly and evil it is.
I have mitigating circumstances.
I love you.
I do.
I don't believe you.
But do you
believe Samokhvalov?
All right. Stop it.
Go and work.
You have a new interesting job.
It will require much skill and effort.
You have to concentrate.
You've gained what you sought.
What about the circus?
I've had enough
of circus in my life.
It may not.
Then I reject the appointment.
The price is too high.
You're lying again.
No. I'm in no lying mood.
That's enough. Go away.
I am not interested
in these... nuances.
Go to your work place.
Where's the order?
At the secretary's.
Give me the order
about my appointment.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Kalugina's office.
No, I haven't forgotten
your voice yet.
[You know, I understood
why we split up.]
[We need a baby.]
You want us to have a baby?
[- Yes. And the sooner the better.]
I can't right now.
It's 2 hours before
the day's end. I can't leave.
Why don't you say hello, Tolya?
Hello, if you wish,
Yuri Grigorievich
Tolya! I would like to have no
uncertainty between us.
I think that everything is
clear between us.
I have to say,
though it is not easy.
You're great!
I started to respect you.
You hit me... deservedly.
You'll go far.
Novoseltsev has left
a letter of resignation.
Have you really decided to go?
Yes, I've found another job.
Closer to my home,
handsome salary, bigger scale.
Do you think
I understand nothing?
You've decided to quit
because of her.
Please come
to Ludmila Prokofievna's office.
Did you call me?
I have reviewed
your resignation letter...
..rade Novoseltsev.
Some way to review it.
It's very simple to write
a second one.
It will meet the same end.
I will write the third, the fourth,
and the fifth.
I will not work underneath you.
I don't want to and I will not!
You will, comrade Novoseltsev.
I won't, comrade Kalugina.
I won't let you go.
You're an irreplaceable
staff member.
There are no
irreplaceable people.
You will find an honest man
who will not lie to you.
And you also count on
finding a different boss...
...younger and prettier.
Is it so?
It is, it is. The more so,
since it's not a problem.
Why do you always rush
into my office to offend me?
I do not rush in. You call me,
you rend me off from my work.
I haven't called you!
Yes, you did.
Go and work! Who keeps you here?
You keep me here.
You do not sign my resignation.
I cannot be paid off.
Write your letter. I will sign it.
With greatest pleasure.
Go on, write it.
Paper does not blush.
I am writing.
It'll make me a pleasure to
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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