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Служебный роман

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6 a.m.
Neither knives, nor soap,
nothing can get it off.
That's our Soviet paint,
nothing will cope with it.
Tomorrow my Aleksey
will be back from the sanatorium.
I'm very glad.
So am I.
Give him my best regards.
You've got
a very good husband.
Very good...
Come visit us on Sunday.
For sure.
Thank you.
When I'm looking at you,
Vera, I think...
...that if were some
dasher, I would...
Olga Petrovna, good morning,
You look great today.
I like your work very much.
Come to see me some time,
we'll have a chat, gossip a bit.
Good morning.
Good morning.
How is the cat?
It says it feels better.
Does it really?
Yes, that's what it says.
A wonderful cat.
The best cat in the world.
I've got an idea - let's go out
today? Anywhere?
A wonderful idea!
- To the theatre?
- Wonderful.
I haven't been
to the theatre for ages.
What shall we see?
I don't know. Does it matter?
No, it doesn't. Let's go.
Good morning, Verochka.
Is comrade Kalugina in?
My God, who is it?
It's me. What do you think?
You have even
become younger.
Am I a good pupil?
A prodigy!
Thank you, my dear.
Guess why I am late.
Have you been
to the district committee?
I've overslept.
I overslept
for the first time in my life.
How do you like my hairdo?
It's a killer.
I agree.
Have some coffee.
Thank you.
Vera, sometimes I am
rude and rushing...
That's true.
Yes, can't be hidden.
My character is terrible.
Please, forgive me, if this happens.
Sure. I'm no God's gift, either.
We are both no gifts.
Shall we forgive each other?
That's to health.
It's an interesting copy
of Mona Lisa.
It's not a copy,
Ludmila Prokofievna.
It's our computer system.
Borovskikh wrote a program for it.
It's been here for a month.
I didn't notice...
I didn't notice anything.
I don't want...
God knows I don't want to...
...but I have to go
and manage the business.
Good morning,
Ludmila Prokofievna.
You look great today.
I will always look
this way now.
Verochka, you always
know everything.
Could you explain
what's happening to her?
She has an affair
with Novoseltsev.
Don't you know?
Everybody knows.
An office romance!
I'll help you,
Ludmila Prokofievna!
Thank you. What's up,
Yuri Grigorievich?
The staff discuss only one thing.
And this is..?
Some nonsense.
I don't want
to talk about it.
Please speak.
No. You will learn
about it yourself.
Why? Speak up.
I would like to be informed.
Sign here, please.
I don't know how to call it.
Call it some way.
In a word, they say Novoseltsev
is courting you...
It's true. And what of it?
Nothing, it's just
that is somehow discredits you.
Please, here too...
My reputation is so impeccable...
...that it should've been
discredited long ago.
But you don't know all the facts.
I just have to warn you.
Here, more.
Do you remember my party?
Yes. How can I forget it?
That's when Novoseltsev decided
to step up to you.
In order to obtain the position
of the Head of Department.
I wouldn't like to blame him,
he is talented, he'll manage.
And it's so easy to understand him.
A good rise in the salary,
and ambitions, too.
And I am not thinking it up
to have my revenge on him.
But there are things that
I could learn from him only.
How he offered you a cocktail,
and you refused it.
Or how you were talking
about mushrooms.
Thank you very much.
Vera, come here.
Take your pad.
I have a surprise for you!
Look what I've got.
A shirt. They say,
it's a Cardin. 50 rubles only.
Thank you.
Write down an order.
...the head of the Light
Industry Department...
...with the salary according
to the staff payroll.
My signature.
You haven't said, who.
Haven't I?
Novoseltsev, Anatoly Efremovich.
Verochka, you're charming today.
Sorry I am not knocking.
Please, don't let anybody in.
We have a meeting.
She's not in,
and she won't be in today.
For your ministers
not to interfere.
Please have a seat,
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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