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Служебный роман

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a burden.
How can you say this about kids!?
Don't interrupt me, please.
I will get confused myself.
Who are you?
You're a great director,
a gifted manager.
You're an attractive woman.
That's true, don't argue.
Who am I?
An average employee,
with an average salary...
...and doubtful looks.
Ludmila Prokofievna,
please don't interrupt me!
That's not true.
Yes, that's true.
I am afraid of you.
That's true.
I don't know.
I am all trembling inside.
How sad.
I will not be able
to adorn your life.
Why do you need me?
I've got two kids.
You're a lucky man.
Let's drink to you.
What have I done?
Nothing: you spoiled
my new dress.
You have to pour
some salt on it.
Red wine doesn't come off.
It will! Take off you dress! Now!
No, not now, not here...
But you say "take it off"?
I was out of my head...
Just stop it, please.
Stop it, I beg you.
I won't wear it anyway.
Sit down, I will pour some salt
on you and it will come off.
Just let it be, this dress, damn it!
If you don't shut up right now...
...I will burn it right now!
Sit down!
I am so excited
by your confession.
How can you say
you're average?
You're so nice...
and I'm not...
Why do you need me?
Please don't interrupt me.
Don't say a word.
I listened to you,
and didn't interrupt you.
Let me have my say.
Anatoly Efremovich...
I am all in my work.
I have a well-established life...
...in a way.
I am an old bachelor.
I am used to ordering
people around.
I am very quick-tempered
and can spoil the life of any man.
Even a very nice one.
But that's not the matter.
The matter is I don't believe you.
Just... I don't.
I haven't had a dearer person...
...for a couple of days.
You've become
very dear to me too.
I think of you more often
than I should...
But it doesn't matter.
- It does.
- Please, don't interrupt me.
Once I had a sad story in my life.
One man courted me.
He courted me for a long time.
And then... he married my friend.
I am not going
to marry your friend.
You won't be able to.
I liquidated all of my friends.
I wiped them out.
But it doesn't mean
that I'm ready...
...to rush into a marriage...
with you.
Wait. I am sorry.
I don't understand.
I don't understand a thing.
Do you refuse?
No! Yes!
You agree, then.
I don't know.
Yes, Vova?
Give it to me!
Here you are, Vova.
What happened?
What's that?
Something happened?
- Yes.
- What?
They've thrown a cat
down a rain pipe.
Oh my God! Let's go!
Let's run
and save the cat!
Oh, my shy hero!
You've saved your face so deftly.
I played my part so long
Without any help from my partner.
I haven't used your cursed help,
not a single time.
You hid behind the stage,
in the shadows, unseen.
And I, in this disgraceful dream,
walked forward for the cruel public...
In my lonely unlucky role,
seen by everyone.
You'd guffaw, pit stalls!
You did not excuse the shameless
evidence of my losses...
...And innocence of my smile.
Your herd would lap
My sorrow greedily.
I stand alone, amid the shame
With drooping shoulders.
The real hero is unseen
to the unwary crowd.
My hero, you dread disclosure.
Don't be afraid, I won't betray you.
All our roles are my role only.
I lost, and it was cruel.
All our pain is my pain only.
But it's so strong!
So strong...
Olenka, I am waiting for you.
How are you, Olenka?
Best of all.
I inform you about it
each day, in writing.
You're sweet, kind, nice...
What's happened to you,
Yura? You're OK?
Olenka! Olya, wait!
Don't mock me, Olya.
I read your letters as poems.
I couldn't even imagine that
you  write so well.
I always have them with me.
Don't worry. I will not
write you again.
And give me back those letters.
Your wife can discover them
and make a scene.
Please forgive me.
I can't believe that.
I started removing
this ugly paint at
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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