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Служебный роман

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my office
through the window.
It's not good.
Morning. You've got mail.
From Ryzhova.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
And, Verochka...
Call me Shura.
Please tell Shura
Yuri Grigorievich'd like to see her.
Why should they repair my office
during my work hours!?
Can't it be done
at night or in the morning?
They have the same work hours
as you and me.
I'll be in the meeting hall.
Your letter!
Shura, I want to discuss a rather
delicate matter.
I don't even know
where to start.
I am worried about the mental state
of one of our colleagues.
I think I can guess
who you're talking about.
And can anyone else... guess?
The whole collective.
Our information service
is very good.
Then we should really
help her out of this crisis.
Lend her a helping hand.
Just read this.
Read it.
Can I read aloud?
You can.
My dear beloved Yura...
Shall I go on?
But this is very personal.
I have nothing to hide
from our collective.
See, there she is!
They are fixing windows
in my office.
Then mine is ready.
Shura, please.
Not a word!
Shura? Have you got
any questions?
We've got an emergency!
Ryzhova has fallen
for Samokhvalov...
...and is flooding him
with love letters!
How do you know?
See, how many of them
are there!
How have you got them?
He gave it to me himself.
So that the public could step in.
Give them to me!
That's her own fault!
She could keep her feelings
about herself.
If my memory doesn't fail me...
...you're on the accounting
office payroll?
I think yes.
Do you remember it well?
Yes, I think...
It would be great if you sometimes,
now and then...
...dealt with your job duties,
and not only with public affairs.
Vera, don't let anybody in!
Can you imagine that?
Samokvalov gave me
Ryzhova's letters...
Filthy beast!
...and I got exiled
to the accounting office!
Still too good for you!
Here are the letters you've given
to the local committee.
I would ask you not to...
I have to disappoint you.
My viewpoint doesn't match yours.
Such matters should be resolved
without drawing the public in.
It's easy for you to say...
I am ashamed of you.
There is nothing between us!
You should have patience and tact.
It's cruel to make the letter
known to other people.
It's a base act, don't you understand?
What a silly thing to say!
I know Olya and her husband,
they're a nice couple.
Why are you always gossiping?
He's given me these letters...
...so that we could discuss them
at a union meeting.
Yuri Grigorievich?
At a union meeting?
Go stick them up...
the accounting office!
He's crazy! And I got him
free trips for his kids!
Silly cow!
May I?
I will talk to her again.
Well and kindly.
I am glad you appreciate it.
Yes, I can!
Did I borrow 20 rubles
from you?
I would like to pay you off.
Why here and now?
Right here and right now.
...70 ...80 ...90 ...20.
Please count the money.
It's all right.
No, you check it.
Right, is it?
You're crazy or what?
I'm sorry, Ludmila Prokofievna...
Please, go on.
If you were not here...
You will not get away with it!
You can hit him back.
I will hit him back,
but in a different way!
You have abased yourself,
comrade Novoseltsev...
...so far as to start a fight
in the Director's office.
Deputy Director's office.
But you right. Next time
I will beat him up in your office.
Not only are you a liar,
a coward, and a smartass...
...you're also a bully.
Yes, I'm a toughie.
I am afraid, I'll have to
use corrective measures.
I must ask you to do that.
Please let me in.
I just ran out for the money!
I stood here!
The old crone exiled me to the
accounting, but I escaped.
A courageous deed.
You have my sympathy as a woman...
...but your behaviour is just immoral.
I didn't believe the gossip.
But Samokhvalov
talked to me himself.
I read your messages.
How could you?
You're a married woman.
You're a mother, and still writing
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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