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Служебный роман

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have you got there?
A bump?
No. No bump. You're all right.
Get up. Should I help you?
Get up, at last! Get up
and get down... to your work.
My horse and I are sorry
that we... you...
Are you all right, Anatoly Efremovich?
How do you feel?
To tell you the truth, not bad,
compared with Bublikov.
And get along with you... then.
- Hi.
- Hallo.
You've become a regular here.
Implementing my plan?
No, my horse and I were engaged in
social activities. Falling down.
Yura, haven't you discussed
my appointment yet?
See, I have had no opportunity yet...
I will talk to her, by all means.
Please don't. Let it stay as it is.
I don't want this position.
You're strange, aren't you?
Verochka, if Ludmila Prokofievna
asks, I am at the ministry.
Keep hold of your chair,
not to fall down.
Ryzhova, she sits next to you...
A dyed blonde, always running
around with bags.
Turn your head back!
There she is... in ugly roses.
She passed me a letter
for Samokhvalov. I saw it by chance.
Sure, you can't read
other people's letters.
But I started to read
and couldn't stop. Listen.
Dear Yura! I hesitated
long before I wrote this... bla-bla...
Women nearing forty
often make silly things.
She knows better, I'm sure...
I understand that you
don't need all this... 
I know... when I saw you
I understood...
...that I may have loved
only you all these years.
Here we are.
The pension's on the horizon,
what does she think about!?
It's a sexual revolution!
Have you ever heard
anything like that?
She must have gone crazy...
I beg you, don't tell
anything to anybody.How much are these carnations?
Bunches for 2.50 and 4.50.
2.50... No, 4.50!
Thank you. Keep the change.
What do you mean?
Take the change, please!
My heart is sad - I dare not tell.
My heart is sad for Somebody.
I could wake a winter night...
...for the sake of Somebody.
There's no one with me...
I've got to find Somebody.
I could range the world around...
...for the sake of Somebody.
I could range around the world.
You Powers that smile on virtuous love,
O sweetly smile on Somebody!
From any danger keep him free,
And send me safe my Somebody!
There's no one with me,..
I am sad without a reason.
I would do - what would I not?
For the sake of Somebody.
I would do - what would I not?
Let me pass!
Please, call Novoseltsev.
Tell him to bring the report.
Novoseltsev, come to Ludmila
Prokofievna's office with the report.
Good morning, Yura.
Olenka, you moved my heart,
but you should understand.
That's how our life went.
I appreciate your feelings
and your attitude.
But please, torture neither me,
nor youself.
You're a clever woman, after all.
When a woman is told
she's clever...
...does it mean
she's a complete fool?
You're going too far.
I haven't said this.
You've become so polite, Yura.
I didn't know it was a vice.
But you have no vices.
You're full only of merits.
I will dwell on this
in my next letter.
Good morning. Is she in?
What's happened to you?
Don't pay attention.
I have it at times.
Do you?
It's nothing, just
don't pay any attention!
Come in, have a seat.
Let's have a look at this.
You see, you can work
when you wish.
I love my profession, you know.
I think that there is no life
without statistics.
Pure misery.
You know, it's so curious.
I come here in the morning,
and there are flowers on the table.
You don't say!
Who could've brought them?
I have no idea.
Don't you?
No. I don't know.
It's a mystery, then?
I know! That's Shura.
Which Shura?
Shura is a woman...
the union woman.
You see, Bublikov died...
...and then he didn't.
It happened to his namesake,
in the hospital...
...and they called us.
By mistake.
And the wreath
was bought already.
We don't know
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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