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Служебный роман

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where have you
picked up this vulgarity?
You wiggle your hips like...
like a harlot.
- A beauty, isn't it?
- Nice horse.
This is no horse, it's some mammoth.
Can we come already?
- Who is it for?
- Borovskikh. He is 50.
Just don't say a word to him.
Where did you get the goose?
None there any more.
You're a woman,
and not a Marine sergeant.
I've forgotten how it is.
Add flavour, and make
your smile playful!
Let men think you're
absolutely OK.
Breathe. Be elegant.
Stop kicking out.
You are not a horse,
you're a woman.
And now alone!
Get up and go!
Cheer up!
Where are you going?
Allow us put this horse away,
behind the stage, in the closet.
Why... are you hiding it?
Why? For the birthday boy
not to see it.
So that he wouldn't be pleased
before his time.
All right, let's hide it.
Where can we hide it?
In the closet, behind the stage!
Yes... will it fit in?
We'll make it fit!
Shura, you're urgently needed
at the local committee!
Local committee! Novoseltsev,
hide the horse! Coming!
- You don't need me now, do you?
- No, Verochka, thank you.
- Come later, I'll sign everything.
- We'll sign, we'll talk, you're welcome!
What's that
you've been doing here?
Get the horse down.
It's not heavy, I am strong.
How was your evening yesterday?
Didn't you fall ill?
Why should I have fallen ill?
Do I look sick? I had a nice time
yesterday... in the evening.
A friend picked me up...
he's got a Volga car.
You say.
Where has he got the money?
Money is no problem for him.
He is a major aircraft designer.
We went to a restaurant.
Which restaurant?
Get the horse down, it's too heavy.
Have you frozen to it?
I am addicted to it.
Which restaurant?
We went to Aragvi.
We had dinner there. A feast.
Georgian quisine. Satsivi...
Sha... shashliks...
Georgian pies: chebureki.
And what did you drink?
Drink? Khvanchkara,
Borzhomi water...
But you do not drink.
Why? I do. And how!
I never refuse good wine,
especially in good company.
Have you stuck to the horse?
Get it down. You'll burst.
I won't. It's a small
horse. It's a pony.
And what happened
after the dinner?
You go too far,
comrade Novoseltsev!
Put the horse down, you look
like a family reunion.
I love animals.
And how was your... evening?
It was quiet. I took
a trolley bus home...
...helped the older son
with his lessons...
...played with the younger one.
And then my wife
announced dinner.
She's Lisa, right?
Let me help you.
A blonde, with a braid?
Yes, a blonde, with a braid.
- Is this your previous wife?
- No, consequent one.
You've got no wife, and I know that.
Why are you lying all the time?
I follow your example.
I know that you've got
no aircraft designer.
Why is this familiarity?
Who gave you the right
to talk this way to your director?
Why have you
thrown the horse?
Why are you
lying down... with it?
We are not lying down.
We have fallen.
Have you fallen down?
Yes, from the horse.
Stop shamming!
We... we feel bad.
You're pretending!
No, I am not.
Kindly get up and away,
together with the horse.
It'll hurt us to get up.
We've got a bump here.
A bump?
Put something cold on it.
We've got a labour accident.
You've got no bump.
It will rise.
If you say so, than you need...
something cold.
Why are you
treating me yourself?
Assign this task
to your secretary.
When will you stop seeing me
only as your director?
Can you imagine that?
Bublikov died.
How is it, died? I have not
ordered... Why... died?
What for?
I have not found it out yet.
A collection
for the funeral wreath.
How much?
50 kopecks. For the wreath
and the orchestra.
Another death or birth today,
and I'll have no lunch.
Sign here!
Wait a minute,
I'm your director still!
Yes, according to seniority...
Put the horse in the closet!
Nice time to be having rest!
We didn't make it to the closet.
So how are you?
Do you feel... better... there?
There... No.
Служебный роман Служебный роман

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