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Сказка о потерянном времени

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needs food.
One little pie is not enough.
My own mother didn't recognize
me... An electrician, she says.
Am I an electrician?
I'd better go to the woods where
no man's foot has ever stepped,
make myself a bow and arrows
and live on hunting,
berries, mushrooms...
That must be the place where
no man's foot has ever stepped!
No, it stepped here.
Maybe, over there?
Who is it? What is it?
Vow! That's a real forest!
No man's foot has ever stepped
here for sure!
Friendly, go for game!
That's quite a dacha!
I'll just ask them for some water.
And, maybe, for something to eat.
I'm thirsty! I'm thirsty!
Gee! It's made of wood,
but it can talk!
- I'm thirsty!
- Wait, I'll give you some water.
Come on, birdie, drink it.
Thank you, boy.
How do you know I'm a boy?
Because I'm a magic cuckoo.
Then you must know why I became
an old man?
That's the spell of an evil sorcerer.
But how come I didn't notice it?
A person who's losing time does
not notice how he's getting old.
That's right.
Cuckoo, please, help me.
I promise to never lose time
I've been serving them for ten
years, two months, three weeks,
four days, six hours,
seven minutes and thirteen seconds.
And they never took pity on me.
- Not once did they give me a drink.
- Scoundrels!
All right. I know that my head
will roll, but I will help you.
Turn the clock hand
three full circles back,
and you will be a boy again.
- And that's all?
- That's all!
- So easy?
- So easy!
It's great!
There are two more girls and a boy
who have been turned to old people.
If you turn the hand without them,
you will become a boy,
but they will remain old forever.
- What shall I do then?
- Why? Turn the hand!
No, young pioneers never behave
like that.
I should find them first.
Good boy! Look out the window,
lest someone is coming.
I'll tell you the incantation.
There are some kids coming.
Two boys and two girls.
These are evil sorcerers.
Hide, quick!
Friendly, go under the bench.
First we're going to give
these slingshots to kids.
They'll cripple all the cats and
dogs, and shoot the birds.
Smart boy you are, my evil one!
What's that smell?
It smells of a stranger.
No, I must have imagined it.
- Maybe, under the trestle bed?
- Let's check out.
False alarm.
But I got really scared.
Scared of what?
If the bewitched kids happen
to guess it
and come to our hut today
before sunset,
and if they turn the clock hand
three full circles back
and say our incantations,
then they'll become kids again.
- And what about us?
- We'll disappear.
- How can they guess it?
- How can they find one another?
- How can they know about the hand?
- How can they know the incantation?
Chigri-migri, sharandy-barandy...
Bless your heart, dear!
I didn't sneeze.
Bless you, sponger.
I didn't sneeze, either.
Avdotya, Anna, was it you?
No, we didn't, dear.
I don't like it.
We should check it out better.
It's going to bite me!
This dirty dog has sniffed us out!
Throw it out!
Get out, dirty dog!
We'll have to move.
They got wind of this place too.
Now let's get to work. We'll still
be in time for final classes.
Friendly, let's get back to town.
We must find the bewitched kids,
or they'll stay old people forever.
Come here. Listen!
- Now you got what's going on?
- We got it.
Do it!
Vasya, forty-eight -
I want a half of what you ate.
Give it away,
and stay hungry yourself.
Forty-nine - it's all mine.
Have it all to yourself, scrooge.
Don't even dream of someone
else's cream.
A very gifted boy.
- Try to hit the one to the right.
- Let's not hurt them.
You sissy! A crybaby!
- We may break the window.
- Or we may not!
Only the brave ones take chances.
The brave, you say? Look!
Now it's your turn!
What's the heck!
- Why did you trip me up?
- I didn't!
I saw it!
- She saw it!
- I didn't!
- You'll get whacked for it!
- Don't you dare!
-'Cuse me, may I ask you a question?
- What
Сказка о потерянном времени Сказка о потерянном времени

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