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Сказка о потерянном времени

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know me?
I know everything about everyone
I know that you have a hedgehog
and a turtle at your home.
And that last Sunday you were
not allowed to go to the movies.
That's right.
- Shall I tell you why?
- No, don't...
Because you had a fight with
your sister.
- Shall I tell how old she is?
- Please, don't...
She is only three.
If I were you, Zina,
I wouldn't be so happy now.
Yesterday, you got ''E''
for arithmetic.
I know everything about all of you.
Then tell us who else got ''E''
for arithmetic.
- It doesn't matter.
- You don't know, do you?
- Petya Zubov.
- That's right!
- He is a bad student anyway.
- Who?
Petya Zubov.
He is a problem child.
Aren't you afraid he'd beat you up
for these words?
- He'd beat me up?
- Yeah!
- I'll lay him down with one hand!
- He'll never forgive you for this.
I know who you are!
You're Petya Zubov's grandfather!
I heard you're Petya Zubov's
grandfather? How do you do?
Hello, Maria Sergeyevna.
- What's wrong with Petya?
- Nothing serious. A sore throat.
It's not dangerous.
I'm glad.
I was going to call his parents.
Please, no parents,
Maria Sergeyevna!
Of course. I can talk with you.
Petya is a very gifted boy!
Very gifted!
But he's extremely disorganized,
and he's wasting a lot of time.
- I'll see what I can do.
- Please.
- Could you give me some advice?
- Of course.
How can we teach the children
to value their hours and minutes?
You should buy them all
wrist watches
and tell them their price.
Then all of them will value
their hours!
Goodbye, granddad!
Children, go back to your class.
- Goodbye, granddad!
- Goodbye...
Leave me alone!
- Sorry, granddad!
- Think better, backward child!
It wasn't a nice thing to do to
Maria Sergeyevna.
I said something stupid.
Never mind, after all, I'm sleeping.
Shall I wake up? No, it's too early.
Waiting for your grandkid too?
Come sit down, let's talk.
This is our, old people's, job now.
Though it seems like yesterday
that we ourselves went to school.
- Are you retired?
- Yeah...
- What did you do before that?
- Me? Well, you see...
- I see. All kind of things.
- Yes, all kinds of things.
And I had a famous profession -
turner of the highest qualification.
At first I worked in Sukhumi.
- I know, it's in Central Asia.
- It's in the Caucasus, in Abkhazia.
Then, together with my family,
we moved to Ashkhabad.
I know, it's in the Caucasus.
No, this is in Central Asia. Your
geography seems to be mixed up.
- How old are you, granddad?
- I'm nine.
Thirty nine.
Sixty nine.
That looks more like it.
And what was your lastjob?
I don't seem to remember...
Oh yes, I was a doctor.
- What ailments did you treat?
- Any ailment.
I treated scarlet fever... and mumps.
You know, when your neck is
swollen and you need compresses.
I treated measles too. When you
have to be in bed. It's so boring.
And diphtheria too.
- So, you were a children's doctor?
- Children's and grown-ups' and...
- Do you smoke?
- Never even tried it.
Let's have a smoke, okay?
- No one will see us.
Have you really never smoked?
I don't think you should start now.
One has to start some time. Guys
did smoke but won't let me try.
I see.
I think I'd better be going!
The principal... Dmitry Nikolaevich!
The cigarette...
He must be nuts!
- Have you lost something?
- No, I already found it.
All right then.
Petrovich, why are the blocks
not coming?
The crane operator has got grit in
his eye and was taken to hospital.
- What are we going to do?
- We're standing idle.
They promised to send us a very
experienced old man, Dubov.
He will be here any minute.
That must be him.
- Are you Dubov?
- I'm Zubov.
Perhaps, I got it wrong over the
phone. We've been waiting for you.
- For me?
- Yes!
You must know a lot about
those cranes?
I put them together every day.
I've got a constructor set.
He's a constructor,
with higher technical education.
Will you help us out?
Сказка о потерянном времени Сказка о потерянном времени

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