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Thither do I bend,
Thither do I bend,
There my steps I wend
Where in marriage I am given
By my parents own.
Prince Guidon!
Guidon! Guidon!
O you handsome prince,
O you falcon bright.
O you handsome prince,
O you falcon bright.
O you falcon bright.
Still unwed are you,
And unloved are you.
Still unwed are you,
And unloved are you.
Still unwed are you.
And unloved are you.
Come and join us, prince,
Come and dance with us.
Come and join us, prince.
Come and dance with us.
Greetings, Prince.
Come, tell me why
Do you frown, my Prince,
and sigh?
Grief is gnawing at my breast.
I am Ionely and I would
Wed today if so I could.
Who is she you wish to wed?
There's a fair princess,
they say,
Who will charm one's heart away.
She is dazzling as the moon,
Or the sun itself at noon.
In her hair a crescent gleams,
On her brow a bright star beams.
But perhaps 'tis all a lie?
Answer quickly or I'll die!
Prince, this maid is known to me.
But a wife's no glove, you see,
From your lily hand to cast,
Or unto your belt make fast.
Please, believe me, I can swear
That it's time for me to marry.
For this princess so fair
I would any perils dare,
Sacrifice my very soul,
Barefoot, walk right to the Pole.
Why so far, Guidon?
Know, your future bride is here -
I am that princess, O my dear.
Now, my own, come quick with me,
Meet my mother-yours to be.
Mother darling!
I have chosen me a bride,
She will be your joy and pride.
Your consent we crave you said,
And your blessing for us to wed.
Bless us, mother, so that we
May live in love and harmony.
Heaven bless you both, my dears!
Gracious Tsar, do not delay!
To you palace hasten, pray.
- Foreign traders from the West!
- Bid them all to be our guests.
Tell me now, my masters fair,
Did you venture far, and where?
Overseas, are all things well?
Of what wonders can you tell?
We have sailed the seven seas.
All is well where we have been.
We did see a wondrous scene:
On an island far away
Stands a city, grand and gay.
By a palace, 'neath a fir,
In a house of crystal, sir,
Lives a merry squirrel-never
Have I seen one like it, ever.
Just imagine-all day long
Cracking nuts, it sings a song!
Nuts, most wondrous to behold -
Shells of purest yellow gold,
And its kernels-emeralds bright.
There we saw another wonder:
Every morning with a thunder...
- Ocean waves with mighty roar...
- Sweep across a barren shore...
In their wake, for all to see,
Leaving thirty knights and three,
All in mail a-gleaming bright,
Marching proudly left and right.
As for his princess, O my sire,
Of her charms no man could tire.
She outshines the sun at noon
And the brightest midnight moon.
In her hair a crescent gleams,
On her brow a bright star beams.
- Prince Guidon reigns there in glory.
- He is famed in song and story.
And he sends you his respects.
Sends respects!
He bade us say he still expects
That you'll visit him some day,
And regrets your long delay.
I'll put off my call no more.
We'll set sailing with the dawn.
Have my royal fleet-my pride -
Ready for tomorrow's tide!
- But the isle is far away!
- Here with us, O Sire, stay!
Am I your Tsar or but a child?
I'm not joking when I say
I will sail without delay!
Not a ripple stirs the sea,
It is still as still can be.
Look! A sail is now in view
On the far horizon blue.
Tsar Saltan is sailing fast
O'er the sea to me at last.
Mother dear, come hither, do!
You, my wife, my own, come too!
Look out yonder. Over there
Sails my father, I declare!
On his deck he proudly stands
With his spyglass in his hand.
- He's approaching very swiftly.
- Everybody's off to meet them!
Go, Guidon, down to the sea.
The Tsar to meet himself must he.
Lead your father here, but say
Not a word upon the way.
In a garden of a morning
Walked a lovely maiden...
Truly this princess is fair,
She is quite beyond compare!
O, my heart! I see my mate!
'Tis, I swear, the hand of fate!
I can hardly

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