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Сибирский цирюльник

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Ehh, nice... Nice one!
- Red caviar or black?
- Both, please.
- Got some?
- Yeah!
- And, great?
- Great!
Smirnoff, full.
I have the honor, to inform
Your Excellency, that
I want to leave the military academy,
without finishing the training.
What do You think?!
Write down!
I won't write anything like that.
It was a honor!
- All right...
- How dare are You...
I can write it myself.
We, the Tolstois... never
reject our decisions.
Excuse me, young lady.
Did you see Poljewski?
- Forget Poljewski. Look at him!
- He's on a booze again. On a booze!
Booze or not... Fools.
He's going inebriate!
Cadets! Wait a minute!
Ah, cadets...
Get lost!
Oh my God, he drank...
Does he have his cap this way?
Potemkin, now you're mine.
Oh no, Your Highness.
The war isn't over yet.
Oh, this barbaric nation!
Uneducated pack.
- Officer! Injure captive Potemkin...
- Napoleon?
...and kill him later!
So, so...
Napoleon is back from the
island to the ice!
I'll bring him to the czar alive!
Wait, Your Excellency...
Put on Your cap.
- Go away!
- I've got a contract!
What contract! Come with
me - I'll pay you!
Load the cannon! Fire!
Napoleon... I'll get you!
Let me through! Sorry...
"Eastern week"
I caugt him! Napoleon in person!
Your Excellency...
I bring You something.
What... What did you bring?
Happy feast. Forgive me
in the name of Christ.
What for?
It's the sunday of forgiveness.
God will forgive you.
And my sins as well...
Who are you?
Who I am? Napoleon!
Don't You know?
Where am I?
In Russia, Your Excellency.
Good morning and happy feast then.
Happy feast.
God forgive my poor soul...
- May the angels stay with You during the meal.
- Thanks.You never boozed away that hard, Sir.
You've tied a policeman...
I can't remember that...
You've teased a bear...
...and have stolen a balloon in
the circus from an elephant.
What's this?
My mother let me fall
once in my childhood!
- That's what it is.
- Enough...
To the icehole!
Thank God, You're regaining
consciousness again.
To the icehole!
I'm in flames...
Ehhh... put it over!
Forgive me, forgive me...
Your Excellency...
Kuzma, forgive me!
To the sauna!
To the sauna, come on!
Let's go!
Oh my God, I'm too late!
Where are you?! Move to
your place, quickly!
I'm so sorry, oh my God...
They're coming...!
For the czar...
Look left!
Rifles in position!
Good afternoon, cadets!
Health for Your Imperial Majesty!
Good afternoon, cadets!
Your Highness...
Health for Your Highness!
I want to congratulate You...
who has done the first step...
in the chosen career of a
glorious russian officer.
Rifles down!
Go on...
How are you, my friend?
Show me your cadets then.
- What a belly you got, General.
- Majesty...
Oh yes...
- I'll watch Your cadets next week.
- We're ready, Your Majesty.
Always remember:
It's not too difficult to
run into a bulletstorm.
is patience.
Patience in a danger situation...
leads to victory.
The russian soldier is brave,
and that makes him unbeatable.
Love the russian soldier.
Protect him.
Good luck to You...
"God save the czar
May the power of this country
Lead us all
to our honor.
Rule us, orthodox regent
God save the czar. "
Hold on!
- Your Excellency!
- Where are You heading?
- It's close, just...
- Get in!
- But Excellency...
- Get in!
Move on!
It's terrible. I'm on my way,
to ask for a hand of a lady.
That seems strange and
stupid, doesn't it?
- My best wishes, Excellency!
- Cadet, I'm not a young boy anymore...
- From man to man - help me, please.
- How?
- You know, my english is so bad...
- Excellency...
Help me...
Hold on!
- I copied some poems...
- I can't, Excellency...
What's the matter with You!? When else
will You have the chance to
Сибирский цирюльник Сибирский цирюльник

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