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it then?
Thank You.
All of them were captured!
One was on the roof...
Andrej... all!?
What's the matter?
We have to go!
They come!
Come to us...
Come to our ball!
Ladies, let's better repeat
the conjugations.
- What's happened, cadets?
- Attention! Division, turn around!
Hold yourself upright, gentlemen!
Count the pairs up and take position!
The "1"'s are ladies
and "2"'s are the gentlemen.
I want to see some good
manners, gentlemen!
Right and left!
Put down the chairs!
Turn around!
Let's start the exercise:
gentlemen with the ladies now.
Tolstoi drank champagne
with Anna Karenina,
and now we all have to mark the stork.
That's enough! It has nothing
to do with the champagne.
Anyways, I did carry You,
when You were drunk.
- When?
- This year?!
Ohh, yes.
Change the legs!
Let her through.
Thank You.
Anna Karenina!
Stop it! One step back!
Rifle down!
That's not an academy, more like a zoo.
Being a stork before, now we're crabs...
What kind of wax is it?
It stinks: "Surprise",
especially for the big ball.
Wax "Surprise" guarantees
You a funny evening. "
- We had a funny morning already.
- That's right.
- Your Highness, there's a lady for You.
- A lady? Who is she?
A foreign lady.
She may enter.
An english dictionary, quickly!
- Easy down there!
- Excuse me.
What is going on here?
Your Highness, the "stork"commando
is almost finished with polishing.
- O God, she came because of her fan.
- What's going on here?
We're making the hall ready
for the big ball.
You had the order to polish the "floor".
- But we already have got...
- Keep polishing the floor!
Yes, Sir!
A call for You...
May I go?
May I go?
Tell the countess, the
ball will take place.
As usual.
Did You find, what I asked for?
As usual!
General is coming!
The general! He's coming!
The general!
What's going on, gentlemen?
The punished "stork"commando
is polishing the floor.
- Oh yes, continue.
- Yes, Sir!
- Your Excellency, I found him.
- Whom?
Alexander the Great.
Mother... Is something wrong with You?
Andrej... Why is he here?
Something must have happened!
- I awaited it already!
- Hello, Uncle Nikolaj.
Nothing happened, I am only
comin' by for a minute.
- I'm sure, something happened!
- No. Can I speak to You alone?
Why, we don't have secrets in front of...
Where did he go? Oh, yes...
Tell it to me quickly, because I
have to catch a train to Warsawa,
to play Lady Macbeth there, but I'm
sure, it doesn't interest you at all.
Oh yes, mother, it does pretty much.
I only need some money, only 3 rubles.
Where's my cape? I'll need it...
There it is.
So, you're telling me that you
need 3 rubles? Only 3 rubles?
Like I already said, Nikolaj...
- Tea?
- For whom? We had tea already.
...that the young people today...
Ohh, my nails...
Young people today are...
Where is my cigarette?
They are so...
You've got matches, so
you smoke actually!
- But of course...
- No, I don't!
Tell me, Andrej... Tell
me, dear friend:
Did you ever thhink about,
how difficult my life is?
I need only 3 rubles, Mama.
I sacrificed my career because
of this person...
- I refused so many...
- Mother, have a nice trip!
Where is the stuff I take
when I feel bad?
So I refused it...
Andrej, I'd like to...
No one is here, I'm speaking to no one!
No "hello", no "good bye"...
I think, this would be more effective.
3 rubles, and she started...
- And Nikolaj too...
- Here. Take it.
- What?!
- They're only 3 rubles.
You can pay it back later.
Take it.
Thank you, Dunjascha.
I broke something and need
to repair it quickly.
I'll pay you back - I promise.
- Your shoelace...
- Thank you, Maschenka.
Why didn't they write it in russian.
This was done on purpose.
Let the orchestra play then.
It's so strange, and if You'll
think about the dancing...
- It's too dangerous, Your Excellency.

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