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You doing, Your
Imperial Highness?
A mosquito.
There are no mosquitos in april.
That's inexcusable!
He bit me! I'll talk to my brother...
Let nobody through.
- Why don't you change clothes?
- Ohh, I do.
- Cadet!
- Here!
Bring me... a juice.
- What did he say?
- You'll boil Your eggs, Susanna.
Let's take a smoke break, gentlemen.
Cadet Tolstoi!
What are you doing?
You... you...
You want to put the whole
company into deep shit?
Prince Alexej Alexandrowitch!
Did You see Tolstoi?
Care for your stuff! Creep back into
your hole! Prince is sitting already!
Done. I'm ready.
Are you crazy? The break is over!
The prince is already on his place !
The countess had her occurance!
Susana, hurry, you're next!
Don't step into the puddles!
Let's go through the yards...
That'll be faster...
Lord, have mercy...
- What's happened?
- I don't know.
The count loves my fiancee.
What is with him?
Tolstoi - where do You go??
I've got injured... on my head!
Your Highness...!
Easy, Andrej, calm down...
What have you done?!
- Tolstoi.
- Go on.
The news! An attempt
to kill the prince!
Come here, give me one!
The news! Strike on the prince!
The cadet confessed the attempted murder.
It's over. Come here!
Give 'em all! Start singing!
Here, get the pay.
- Dunjascha!
- What do You want here?
Leave... My son...
Open up!
Forwards, march!
Move your feet!
Stay close! Faster, faster...
Do You remember me?
You aimed at me with your
rifle in that backyard.
My gun was caught in my pocket
or I had killed You.
So why are You here? Maybe for that?
Cut the talk!
Don't fall back, son of a bitch!
Move on.
Stop idling!
Hurry up!
Stay in formation!
Andrej Alexejewitsch!
Cadet Tolstoi!
Cadet Tolstoi, over here!
Down with the caps!
In the name of father, son
and the holy spirit.
FOr all times.
May god be with you!
Caps on! Left, right!
Into the train!
Escort, into the train!
Where are you?
Farewell, my brothers!
I love you, gentlemen!
I love you all!
Caps off!
Excuse me, for Tolstoi...?
Over there.
Thank You.Company, to the waggons!
First division - first waggon.
You can't do it, this is 1st class.
- Which one?
- This one.
Then You should guard it.
Hey, cadets, do you want a roll?
- Here.
- I don't have the change.
Hurry! Hurry!
Oh, gentlemen!
1st class... Smells exotic.
- I bet, this is a free cabin.
- Gentlemen!
Hehe, the trouble has started.
Forwards, gentlemen!
Gentlemen! In here, quickly
Gentlemen, please return!
What's going...?
Damn, where are they?
Oh yes, I'd never want to
marry her - that's for sure.
Why did she start singing?
- Who knows...
- From delight!
Actually, why did we leave?
Who left first?
I guess it was me, but
You did the same then.
Nice joke!
We could travel 1. class now,
together with Tolstoi.
Excuse me... Captain!
Gentlemen, I think it's getting serious.
Oh yes.
Calm down - no need to panic.
We're not in a war.
- What has happened?
- Everything is all right.
You had to take care
of Your keys better!
Cadet Tolstoi...
- Get up!
- Forwards!
Excuse us, Madam. Welcome to Russia.
Our boys are coming from
the shooting range.
Very good.
Put it up!
Greetings, cadets!
Greetings, Your Excellence!
Lead the cadets back home!
What is the general doing here?
He just wanted to see your drunken face.
Anna Karenina made Tolstoi drunk.
I'm not drunk.
I'm happy.
To the left!
Forwards, singing!
Shut up!
Move off the street, make
room for His Excellency!
- An attentat on the senator!
- Hand out the ammunition!
Spread out! Keep attention on
entrances and rooftops!
Let's move quickly!
Stay here and cover us.
After me! There they are!
Alibekow, Buturlin, to the inner yard!
No, hands up!
- Don't shoot, please.
- What?
I won't do it again.
Why did you do

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