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Ehhh... put it over!
Forgive me, forgive me...
Your Excellency...
Kuzma, forgive me!
To the sauna!
To the sauna, come on!
Let's go!
Oh my God, I'm too late!
Where are you?! Move to
your place, quickly!
I'm so sorry, oh my God...
They're coming...!
For the czar...
Look left!
Rifles in position!
Good afternoon, cadets!
Health for Your Imperial Majesty!
Good afternoon, cadets!
Your Highness...
Health for Your Highness!!
I want to congratulate You...
who has done the first step...
in the chosen career of a
glorious russian officer.
Rifles down!
Go on...
How are you, my friend?
Show me your cadets then.
- What a belly you got, General.
- Majesty...
Oh yes...
- I'll watch Your cadets next week.
- We're ready, Your Majesty.
Always remember:
It's not too difficult to
run into a bulletstorm.
is patience.
Patience in a danger situation...
leads to victory.
The russian soldier is brave,
and that makes him unbeatable.
Love the russian soldier.
Protect him.
Good luck to You...
"God save the czar
May the power of this country
Lead us all
to our honor.
Rule us, orthodox regent
God save the czar."
Hold on!
- Your Excellency!
- Where are You heading?
- It's close, just...
- Get in!
- But Excellency...
- Get in!
Move on!
It's terrible. I'm on my way,
to ask for a hand of a lady.
That seems strange and
stupid, doesn't it?
- My best wishes, Excellency!
- Cadet, I'm not a young boy anymore...
- From man to man - help me, please.
- How?
- You know, my english is so bad...
- Excellency...
Help me...
Hold on!
- I copied some poems...
- I can't, Excellency...
What's the matter with You!? When else
will You have the chance to help a general!
Come on!
My son... Recite them well.
Forgive me, Nikolaj Karlowitsch.
I'm going to be really late...
of course, what else...
Should I serve tea now?
To Znamenka.
Move it.
Careful with the arms... feets!
Spectacle is tomorrow.
Cadet, you can barely
wear your outfit.
Tolstoi, what we'll do about
the haircut tomorrow?
- I can't find it.
- Where is it?
This is it?
Second company, move it!
- We're having a Figaro-repetition here...
- Line up!
Stay straight!
- Excellency...
- It's fine!
- Officer Tolstoi!
- Here!
Five steps forwards!
Who, do you think, is standing here?
Officer Tolstoi?
No - a liar and swindler does.
The lowest-class thief, wouldn't
have done, what he did...
He has stolen a valuable
object from a foreign lady
with the excuse, to want to repair it.
Not even a private would have been fallen
so deep, like officer Tolstoi did!
You wight!
I'm coming!
- Dunjascha!
- Andrej Alexejewitsch, that's You!
I got drunk from your 3 rubles.
I spared and spared and
then I went drinking.
Please, don't be mad at me.
Because everything is over...
- Andrej Alexejewitsch...
- What do you want?
- Visit for You.
- Who?
Is mother back?
- No.
- Who else?
Do we have something to eat?
I could serve cold calf
meat with mushrooms.
How long is she here?
Already for a while.
And bring something to drink, okay?
That's all.
We didn't await guests...
Thank you, Dunjascha.
All sleep...
Bad luck then...
Get up!
But there was no appell...
Your Honor...
It's 4.45 in the morning.
Who disturbs?
- Your Honor... You see...
- All back to sleep!
- Officer Shanshiev!
- Here!
- "Stork" for one hour.
- Yes, Sir.
Because you shouldn't sleep,
when friends get married!
Excuse me anyway...
Move away... What are You doing?
You're standing on the mark!
You'll boil Your eggs, "Susanna".
The prince likes it.
"Countess", but shoulders are
from a construction worker.
Not bad.
Did you really like it?
- Excellency, excuse me...
- Ohh, General!
May I introduce: Miss Callaghan.
What are
Сибирский цирюльник Сибирский цирюльник

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